Marvel Comic Scans

Hello all. Considering the hype for MvC3, I have been going through a lot of my comics lately and decided to start scanning in some pictures starting with MODOK who was my first pick for my otherwise still uncertain team.

So if you’re interested in the character of Modok or any other Marvel characters that you are unfamiliar with or want to brush up on, I will be uploading scans of my comic collection for you to enjoy. You can read or edit for stick art or whatever. I’m not uploading full comics, just a few scenes from iconic appearances like origin stories or first appearances and battles etc.

So check out some of these pictures of modok’s first appearance I just scanned into my newly created flickr account. Shows a bit of his first battle with Cap as well as his first defeat. In case you were wondering what he looks like inside of his hover-chair well…here ya go. ugh.

M.O.D.O.K. (FYI the set is backwards, so if you want to see them in order go from last to first)

PS Depending on whether or not I have the comic or have it scanned yet or am too lazy to do it, I will absolutely be willing to hear out requests. Even specific page number and panel. To keep it relevant and simple, maybe keep it to MVC3 related characters.

Even if the character in question might not make an iconic appearance, I am pretty sure I have a comic featuring every single one of the roster as well as the full rumored roster so I’ll probably keep on cranking em out every day focusing on a new character until release.

Enjoy and I hope I’m not breaking any rules. I PAID for these comics and want to share these high quality scans with everyone. AFAIK there is no copyright issues since I’m not selling or putting up full comics, but if I am let me know.

Hi there. I am unable to see what you’ve posted on Flickr, so I don’t know what you’ve uploaded.
However, I would advise against posting even origin stories / battles. I think a panel or 2 is ok, but that’s about it.