Marvel Comics presents black Captain America


For lack of an original title… I didn’t see a discussion on this therefore I’ll start one here.

Now Captain America will be black: Marvel makes latest announcement just one day after revealing Thor is becoming a woman

*Sam Wilson, also known as The Falcon, will be taking over the reins after Steve Rogers lost his special powers and youth last month
*Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort says ‘It’s about time’ and the move ‘shouldn’t be seen as revolutionary’
*News comes in the same week as Marvel revealed Thor is now a woman

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Captain Smith?


“It’s about time”

Time for WHAT? How does Captain America being black do one god damned thing to help me? How do people think a character can just up and become something entirely different than what it was?

Oh, and Cpt. America always was black. He’s the fucking president. Thinking that Black people have to be 100% represent in everything is almost as annoying as not being represented at all.

Coming soon:
Marvel Comics Presents: Professor Xavier as a Owl!

“Yeah, Owls have always been the symbol for wisdom and integrity, very much like Professor X. We find that those symbols accurately reflect the character’s strengths and attributes, so we decided it only fitting to turn him into an owl.”

WTF comic books? You insult your reader base with this sort of bullshit.



Yes there was a black Captain America. This came about a really long time ago.



Caucasian males taking a lot of Ls


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Wrong thread.


CT Fletcher should play Isaiah Bradley, not that scrawney manlet that’s currently in the poster.


Anybody can be Captain America.
Bucky’s done it before.
But only Thor can be Thor.


I love how Marvel themselves are like “Don’t call it revolutionary. I mean, we can’t ACTUALLY tell you to say and tweet that, but you totally can if you want.”

Fucking Marvel. :rofl:


i dont like your tone


How’d Rodgers lose his powers? How’re they gonna do my boy like that?

And wait . . . I thought he got shot. How’s he still alive?

I’m so behind. :frowning:


He did, then comics were just like “Whatever, this shock money has been earned, he’s fine now”.

Which is what they’ll be doing with this.

This is just Cap’s other sidekick taking up the mantle while Steve is going through some shit.

Same thing happened to his first sidekick, Bucky, who was also Captain America before.

This isn’t even the first black Captain America anyway.

You know what really gets me about this, is that people are really butt-hurting around about the black thing when that shouldn’t even matter. And i’m not saying Marvel didn’t do this on purpose, i’m saying that despite that it still shouldn’t matter.

Falcon, who has been a Cap ally and sidekick for decades, is taking up the mantle and he just happens to be black, the first Cap sidekick for decades who took up the mantle was Bucky, who was white, and no one really gave a fuck about that.

If Falcon was white, and this same thing played out, the level of bitching by people claiming to be “non-racists” would be at a noticeable minimum, based on that fact.

But because Falcon isn’t white(hell he could have been hispanic or Asian), people want to start bitching and moaning about it, more than about the fact that Cap is being replaced for a time.

I don’t know who to be more annoyed by. The people who actually read comics and should know the deal by now, or the people who don’t and should start assuming about shit they know nothing about outside of a few movies and shows. I’m not claiming to be comic guru #1 or anything, but damn.


Have punisher be black too

then like “Robot chicken”

“Biggie. pac.”




His name is Captain Falcon, motherfucker.


Captain Falcon???

This is the true captain falcon…



Captain African-America lol

What’s next, Juggernaut as a tranny? :coffee:


Why can’t Captain America be Chinese?
If you live on this planet, chances are you are Chinese, yet no comic books are about them.
What gives?


Because this is American nigga.


No. There’s like twice as many Africans than Chinese.


As I said in the Thor thread, hopefully the Steve Rogers comeback has a better story than a time machine gun.