Marvel Comics Thread


Wow it’s like people really think he won’t come back to life sooner or later lol! Nice vid though.


Can anyone tell me which issue and comic this spider-man picture is from?


Marvel comics I read this week:

Friendly Spider-Man Annual - Freaking rules! A look back at Sandman’s life by the legendary Peter David! He even explained why Sandman let Spider-Man suck him up in a vaccuum cleaner in their first fight ever! :rofl: PAD for President!

Captain America - WHAT THE? Brubaker said there was gonna be an autopsy in this issue and I didn’t see it. Come on man I want to see Cap’s guts Six Feet Under TV Show style YEEEES! Good issue but I wanted to see the damn autopsy… scientists can’t find the ‘Soul Gland’ in the human body but what about the ‘Super Serium’ gland Cap has huh? HUH? Eh maybe next ish…

She-Hulk - HA! HA! HA! We finally get to see Tony Stark punk Shulkie, you don’t mess with MARVEL’S GREATEST VILLAIN (Copyright 2006 thru until Hulk kicks his Ass) and expect to walk away unscathed now that’s just crazy talk! :looney:

X-Men was fun. Like MC Hammer would say, STOP! SPOILER TIME!



So this Mystique / Iceman hook up is real I guess, I give it 2 months before Mystique does some messed up crap to mess it up. Still not sure if she lost her powers on M Day or not. Now if Rogue touches you, YOU DIE so that’s gonna be something to screw with her head big time when Satsui No Hadou Gambit returns next ish with the Marauders for the big 200th issue of X-Men throwdown oh yeah!


I’m not exactly sure. But if I had to venture a guess, I would guess that it’s from Spider-Man: Venom Vs. Carnage by Peter “I Need To Pay Rent” Milligan and Clayton Crain. That image certainly looks like Crain’s current style, and it’s got Venom and Carnage.


Are there any plans to make any civil war hardcovers? cuz i plan on getting the road to civil war, civil war, young avengers+runaways, and frontline tpb’s but if they come out with any HC’s which i prefer for exactly the reasons sano posted then i’ma be pissed so can someone shed some light.

Just finished reading ultimate ironman vol1it was a very different take on the pro-reg bastard it was a little slow at first but picked up after the bullies threw him in the incinerator n i noticed he can take his suit off so i’m assuming he doesn’t fuse with it via techno organic virus till much later on.


Nah, I have a feeling that at that time, he’ll be



Fixing Rogue, cuz apparently those Shiar brain-suckers made her go just a little bit crazy.

But hey, if Spiderman and Wolverine taught us anything, it’s that you can have 4 of your own solo adventures, while being in two different teams and still manage to get the job done.

And this month’s Cable/Deadpool made me sad.

cable/deadpool and Xmen


Seriously, the entire issue was about him prepping himself for taking down the Mummudrai and then like 3 pages into Xmen he just goes ‘go get him, Rogue.’ That and they do way too much Outlaw-related cock blocking. Either have her take off her top or don’t.

But none of that really matters…cuz I’m gonna KILL TONY STARK!


So at a local bookstore(books-a-million), they have some Marvel HC’s and Trades for buy 2 get 1 free. I already have/read most of the stuff they had, but I am curious about Ultimate FF since I’ve read the first trade and thought it’s ok.

Does anyone know if the series is solid enough for me to buy 3 trades of it? Should I save up the money and buy the Annilation Trade instead(even though I know SHIT about the characters in it) and just some other random stuff? Should I just say ‘fuck it’ and buy the Criminal trade instead(since Bru did it?)



response to sano


If she did lose her powers, the writers fucked up. Mutants who lose their powers are supposed to lose all aspects of the mutation (ie blue skin)


response to Adam Warlock, about Mystique


The thing is that she has not used her powers at all after M Day as far as I can tell unless I missed something. So I just don’t know either way. I think it’s just writers screwing with us unless I’m forgetting something… last time I remember her using her powers was the story when she tried to seduce Gambit that took place before House of M.


For Ult FF are you referring to the tpb’s or the hardcovers? I’ve read the first 4 trades and they are solid but not spectacular. I think you would like the Annihilation trade more. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the characters since they treat everyone to a new introduction.

Criminal has a trade already?


Yup, the first CRIMINAAAAAAAAL!!!11 TPB, “Coward,” is already out.

Ultimate FF was all right. I’m with Giddy on this one- the Ellis run is solid, but it probably won’t blow you away or anything. It’s not Ellis’ best work, but it even Warren Ellis’ “I Need To Pay Rent” comics are still better than average.

Is there an actual TPB for Annihilation? I thought they were releasing the whole saga as a trilogy of HCs?


Yeah, I assumed he was talking about the hardcovers, of which the first two volumes are out


Criminal TPB came out 5/9. I didn’t even realize it myself until I saw it today.

They only had the tpb’s of UFF, and only books 1,5,6,and 7. I’ll probably get Annihilation instead, but I’ll have to buy another HC at the same time at that price…Maybe Kraven’s Last Hunt or something…

I have to start catching up with X-Men…


runaways is good in hardcover, also a new punisher max hardcover just came out along with the ultimate galactus trilogy hardcover


Yeah. Kraven’s Last Hunt is a classic Spidey story, but if you got a good deal, get all three Runaways HCs. Best “teen superteam” comic ever.


come on now, runaways is good but it’s no power pack…


new avengers illuminati


New avengers illuminati was so wierd. I thought all the stuff Reed, Strange and xavier were saying was BS. I assume the beyonder is blackbolts son from reading silent war 4. If he is their son then he has every write to exist in that Universe. NAmor was the only smart one there, I am note even sure now if reed and co. actually believed what they were saying


Bub, I said, “Best ‘teen superteam’” and not “best pre-teen superteam.” I know you like fantasizing about 9 year old Julie Power, but it was Runaways that let her grow up and, y’know, fill out.


Issue was just weird.



So Secret Wars II was the Illuminati’s fault? Huh? And Beyonder got the Michael Jackson look when he came to Earth and looked at a magazine, I guess now he got it from his fake Manhattan? Strange strange Bendis… I suppose this murders the theory I heard years ago about the Beyonder being Spider-Man’s son… even though that theory was a little out there…

Much like Wolverine was this month.



Wild Child alive during World War II? WHAT? Oh and Feral dies maybe…

Weird weird week for Marvel…

On the positive side, I liked Spider-Man Fairy Tales. Though I wish they would of chosen a more obscure fairty tale other than Little Red Riding Hood the way X-Men Fairy Tales did but it was still a fun comic.


I think Illuminati has been great. I’m not so hung up on the previously established continuity, so the things introduced in this mini are pretty interesting to me. It’s got pretty good drama for stuff that’s mostly flashbacks.

And Wolverine has been weak. The art is amazing, though- get Bianchi paired up with another writer. It’s not just that Loeb’s introducing all sorts of weird stuff to make the “Wolverine Mythos” seem even more layered… It’s just that it’s totally boring and adds nothing to the character. Who the heck wants to buy a comic book just to look at fight scenes with no real tension behind them. There’s just no damn way Loeb can even hope to approach the top tierness of Origin. Loeb is no Paul Jenkins, that’s for sure.