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Bub, I said, “Best ‘teen superteam’” and not “best pre-teen superteam.” I know you like fantasizing about 9 year old Julie Power, but it was Runaways that let her grow up and, y’know, fill out.


Issue was just weird.



So Secret Wars II was the Illuminati’s fault? Huh? And Beyonder got the Michael Jackson look when he came to Earth and looked at a magazine, I guess now he got it from his fake Manhattan? Strange strange Bendis… I suppose this murders the theory I heard years ago about the Beyonder being Spider-Man’s son… even though that theory was a little out there…

Much like Wolverine was this month.



Wild Child alive during World War II? WHAT? Oh and Feral dies maybe…

Weird weird week for Marvel…

On the positive side, I liked Spider-Man Fairy Tales. Though I wish they would of chosen a more obscure fairty tale other than Little Red Riding Hood the way X-Men Fairy Tales did but it was still a fun comic.


I think Illuminati has been great. I’m not so hung up on the previously established continuity, so the things introduced in this mini are pretty interesting to me. It’s got pretty good drama for stuff that’s mostly flashbacks.

And Wolverine has been weak. The art is amazing, though- get Bianchi paired up with another writer. It’s not just that Loeb’s introducing all sorts of weird stuff to make the “Wolverine Mythos” seem even more layered… It’s just that it’s totally boring and adds nothing to the character. Who the heck wants to buy a comic book just to look at fight scenes with no real tension behind them. There’s just no damn way Loeb can even hope to approach the top tierness of Origin. Loeb is no Paul Jenkins, that’s for sure.


i’m sure lint would agree


I haven’t read Silent War but Blackbolt in Illuminati said he doesn’t remember Beyonder. I think its implied that he came from an alternate reality.

What did Reed, Xavier and Strange say that you thought was BS?


I have to re-read Secret Wars II issue #1 again but I think it can work and not mess up continuity too much, it’s a little shoe-horned but the entire series is based on shoe-horning stuff in so it goes with the territory.

And if anything, Slott’s gonna write a story in She-Hulk soon that’s supposed to explain any continuity glitches, IE someone’s been messing with Marvel continuity lol! Sounds like fun but I fear Slott will use this as an excuse to retcon She-Hulk sleeping with Juggernaut, just about the only good thing that Chuck Austen did… when Wolverine mentioned to She-Hulk about her sleeping with Juggernaut in her comic Slott had her say something like, “When did that happen?” :looney:

Lol speaking of Secret Wars II, while I didn’t like the series that much via way too many tie-ins, the last issue, the last page was the first time I saw evolution when the Beyonder created his own planet and through the evolutionary process man was born on his world after billions of years. This caused me to ask my older brother “What the heck is that?” See, you can learn stuff from comics. :smile:


Wow…Avengers:The Initiative #3…man oh man Komodo gets punked HARD by Spiderman.
Picked up New Warriors #1 too…looks interesting so far. Just want to see what this new team looks like.


Read a bunch of Marvel comics this week.

Avengers Initiative - They try to capture Spider-Man. And, um, if you liked the Spider Robot armor pick this one up! And if you didn’t like it, well pick this up anyway, or at least walk into a comic shop and check out the last few pages! Ha ha ha Tony Stark is a crazy bastard. :rofl:



Say word Tony Stark has an army of Spider-Man Robot suits!

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness - Ash and Doom dialog was hella funny!

Marvel Universe Mystic Arcana Book - Of course I haven’t read the entire thing yet but it serves the purpose of most MU books nowadays, only features magical characters that have not gotten bios lately or people who need more updated bios. I was hella suprised they listed Shuma-Gorath’s Iron Bound Clad books in the Magical Books section! I do so hopey Shuma-Gorath either appears in Mystic Arcana or maybe the Spider-Man/Red Sonja crossover… man you can’t just tease someone with Bendis using his name as an Avengers password and that it maaaang!

Omega Flight - Needs more USAgent. The few lines he says talking crap steal the entire book!

Spider-Man Family - OH NOS no story from Mckeever this time! It’s the beginning of the end waaaah… There was a cool story of the new female Scorpion fighting against the old Scorpion who is wearing Venom’s suit now. And the wiiiiiinner -

Scorpion fight


Female Scorpion took it oh man how many more times will Gargan Venom get punked lol!

Cool book all around. A fun Spidey / Fantastic Four story and a reprint of What If #1 which asked the question what if Spider-Man joined the FF. The Spider-Man J manga was actually pretty good for once.

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane - Nice backstory about Flash Thompson’s current financial troubles. I love how this book takes the time out to tell stories like that. Teen Felicia Hardy is HOT!

Both Spider-Man Family and Spidey Loves MJ had a really funny comic strip gag type story of Hulk going on his first date with Betty! That was TOO FUNNY! :rofl:

Uncanny X-Men - Really cool. Storm is in it, hooray! In the back of the book they hint about a new Starjammers book, and if you’ve read the last issue you know what that means heh, I’ll just say the Starjammar crew has really changed lol! Spoilers for the rest of the ish -



So it looks like Professor X knows Magneto is out there somewhere and the Morlocks are up to no good, Masque jacked up Caliban and looks like he is about to put a smack down on Leech ooohs…

Very good Marvel week for me.


So I started reading the MAX Supreme Power, and what is with the mirrorring of major DC heroes. They are probably common hero types, but they even poke fun at the common conventions of the DC books. Did anyone ever explain why they made a whole series copying superman, batman, wonder woman and so forth. I am enjoying it so far, but somebody must have asked this question before I did. (I know it came from squadron supreme, but then why was that mimicing DC)


Back in the '70s, before Marvel and DC did official crossovers, each company agreed to create their own JLA and Avengers analogues. So the JLA encountered a team of Avengers analogues and the Avengers encountered the Squadron Supreme. The Avengers analogues in the JLA comic were forgotten quickly, but the Squadron Supreme must have been well-received.

So the Squadron Supreme continued to make appearances in Marvel comics throughout the years, eventually spawning their very own maxi-series in the '80s.


Hey what is happening guys. I just wanted to post that I am really trying to get this gig with Diamond Comic Distributors. They are looking for a marketing representative and if thing turns out well, I’ll make sure that I’ll be that additional source you guys need.

Anyway moving on…



Bucky is a bit on the wacko side. But I dont blame him. It makes me wonder though. Was he the one that supposedly killed Iron Man and it states in…



did Iron man really die? Ultron was kicking some ass



you know what IM is a str8 up bitch. I was hoping that she was going to really turn him to scrap metal



as usual my man BP is the shit and kicking ass inspite of not having powers. I can see why every black hero wanted a piece of storm ass. (she went at Silver surfer head on) I was like dayum!


In answer to your spoiler about Mighty Avengers #3 -



No because that story happens prior to Iron Man character showing up in other books… he’s gonna be alive at the end of the story.


So the big hooplah thats been going across various comic book forums turns out to be true

New Avengers

[details=Spoiler]So near the end of New Avengers#31 we find out after Echo stabs Electra that Electra is a SURPRISE a Skrull warrior.
I’m not surprised considering if you read New Avengers Illuminatti #1 this was gonna happen eventually but this makes u wonder who else could be a Skrull in disguise[/details]


Kusanagi02 - Your post has been edited with a spoiler tag. Using a different color for lettering does not always work because people use different background colors / skins. :sweat:

So yeah just click edit on your post and see how I created the spoiler tag for future reference. Thanks. :smile:


Marvel stuff I read this week, talked about World War Hulk briefly in the WWH thread -

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man - This was great, and Spider-Man busted out those dumb ass stingers because he was fighting a mystical opponent, and he even he said they were stupid. :rofl: A cop popped the back of a trunk that had a bunch of guns so he could arrest Spidey and he came up beside him and sang, “What you gonna do with all that junk with all that junk in your trunk?” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Man that’s how Spidey SHOULD be written! Another writer I’m gonna miss since he will leave the book the same time JMS leaves… Some good stuff with JJJ too, spoilers -

Friendly Spidey


Robie told JJJ to cut Spidey a break, that deep down both he and JJJ must of known that Peter Parker was Spider-Man but were just in denial looking away from all of the evidence. JJJ later fired Robie. Seems like he and Spider-Man are finally gonna have it out.

Mystic Arcana Magik - Was lots of fun. Nice that they used with Magik without another dumb ass ressurection.

Nova - Fun book too. Spoilers -



Nova kicked most of the Thunderbolt’s asses, Bullseye was missing. He ran into Penance AKA Speedball. Ultimately he decided to leave Earth and go back to outer space because he wasn’t going to register or become Anti-Reg. Too bad, I guess we won’t get to see the Hulk / Nova throwdown, after Annihilation he is most def one of the people that could give Mr. Green Jeans a good fight.

New Avengers - Last but not least by any means. Hey Bendis, WHAT THE…??? Seems like an interesting idea but I want to see where they go with this one. I’ve really grown to love Yu’s pencils on this book HUGE SHOCKER in the ish BTW.

New Avengers


Elektra’s a Skrull? And Luke Cage’s baby too? HELLA WHOA… You know me, I can only hope they say that the real Elektra died during Frank Miller’s run and she’s been a Skrull ever since to do away with another dumb ass ressurection but I don’t think Marvel will go that far… unless they do some crazyness like she’s always been a Skrull… most likely they’ll say she was replaced with a Skrull at some point. Don’t know about Luke Cage’s Skrull baby though that one is hella weird…



[details=Spoiler]Since the green tint in Luke’s daughter’s eyes mean that she’s probably a Skrull kid, does that mean that maybe Jessica or Luke are clones? Or both?? And if they aren’t, where did the kid come from??

Shit is gonna get crazy.[/details]


World War Hulk #1. 'Nuff fucking said.

And yeah, New Avengers had a pretty weird plot twist. But, it’s Bendis, so I expect that from him.


world war hulk was indeed, the mother fucking truth. i’m already hyped for the rest.




The kid isn’t a skrull. He’s only been possessed just like Maya was before Dr. Strange astral projected himself to get her out of it.


New Avengers


How can the baby be a Skrull?! Bendis must be messing with us.

Wasn’t the baby conceived back in Alias #1? Cage was still in his “yellow shirt and tiara” phase back in the early days of the MAX line and he was wearing the yellow shirt before he and Jessica slept together. But then Azzarello & Corben came out and did the Cage MAX mini. The Cage MAX story basically ignored the yellow shirt and tiara and just busted out the hip-hop Luke Cage. And then in his next appearances in Alias and Daredevil, Cage was always sporting the hip-hop style.

Considering that the Cage MAX story was told from his point of view, it would be pretty crappy if Cage turned out to be a Skrull when he and Jessica made the baby.

It would be even crappier if Jessica were a Skrull for the same reason- Alias and Pulse were pretty much told from her point of view. Unless she actually doesn’t know she’s a Skrull. Remember that old-school story about Reed Richards brainwashing a team of Skrull soldiers into thinking they were normal Earth cows? Don’t tell me Jessica has implanted memories and is a sleeper agent or something.

Dammit. Now I need to go out and buy Skrull Kill Krew.