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So the big hooplah thats been going across various comic book forums turns out to be true

New Avengers

[details=Spoiler]So near the end of New Avengers#31 we find out after Echo stabs Electra that Electra is a SURPRISE a Skrull warrior.
I’m not surprised considering if you read New Avengers Illuminatti #1 this was gonna happen eventually but this makes u wonder who else could be a Skrull in disguise[/details]


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Marvel stuff I read this week, talked about World War Hulk briefly in the WWH thread -

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man - This was great, and Spider-Man busted out those dumb ass stingers because he was fighting a mystical opponent, and he even he said they were stupid. :rofl: A cop popped the back of a trunk that had a bunch of guns so he could arrest Spidey and he came up beside him and sang, “What you gonna do with all that junk with all that junk in your trunk?” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Man that’s how Spidey SHOULD be written! Another writer I’m gonna miss since he will leave the book the same time JMS leaves… Some good stuff with JJJ too, spoilers -

Friendly Spidey


Robie told JJJ to cut Spidey a break, that deep down both he and JJJ must of known that Peter Parker was Spider-Man but were just in denial looking away from all of the evidence. JJJ later fired Robie. Seems like he and Spider-Man are finally gonna have it out.

Mystic Arcana Magik - Was lots of fun. Nice that they used with Magik without another dumb ass ressurection.

Nova - Fun book too. Spoilers -



Nova kicked most of the Thunderbolt’s asses, Bullseye was missing. He ran into Penance AKA Speedball. Ultimately he decided to leave Earth and go back to outer space because he wasn’t going to register or become Anti-Reg. Too bad, I guess we won’t get to see the Hulk / Nova throwdown, after Annihilation he is most def one of the people that could give Mr. Green Jeans a good fight.

New Avengers - Last but not least by any means. Hey Bendis, WHAT THE…??? Seems like an interesting idea but I want to see where they go with this one. I’ve really grown to love Yu’s pencils on this book HUGE SHOCKER in the ish BTW.

New Avengers


Elektra’s a Skrull? And Luke Cage’s baby too? HELLA WHOA… You know me, I can only hope they say that the real Elektra died during Frank Miller’s run and she’s been a Skrull ever since to do away with another dumb ass ressurection but I don’t think Marvel will go that far… unless they do some crazyness like she’s always been a Skrull… most likely they’ll say she was replaced with a Skrull at some point. Don’t know about Luke Cage’s Skrull baby though that one is hella weird…



[details=Spoiler]Since the green tint in Luke’s daughter’s eyes mean that she’s probably a Skrull kid, does that mean that maybe Jessica or Luke are clones? Or both?? And if they aren’t, where did the kid come from??

Shit is gonna get crazy.[/details]


World War Hulk #1. 'Nuff fucking said.

And yeah, New Avengers had a pretty weird plot twist. But, it’s Bendis, so I expect that from him.


world war hulk was indeed, the mother fucking truth. i’m already hyped for the rest.




The kid isn’t a skrull. He’s only been possessed just like Maya was before Dr. Strange astral projected himself to get her out of it.


New Avengers


How can the baby be a Skrull?! Bendis must be messing with us.

Wasn’t the baby conceived back in Alias #1? Cage was still in his “yellow shirt and tiara” phase back in the early days of the MAX line and he was wearing the yellow shirt before he and Jessica slept together. But then Azzarello & Corben came out and did the Cage MAX mini. The Cage MAX story basically ignored the yellow shirt and tiara and just busted out the hip-hop Luke Cage. And then in his next appearances in Alias and Daredevil, Cage was always sporting the hip-hop style.

Considering that the Cage MAX story was told from his point of view, it would be pretty crappy if Cage turned out to be a Skrull when he and Jessica made the baby.

It would be even crappier if Jessica were a Skrull for the same reason- Alias and Pulse were pretty much told from her point of view. Unless she actually doesn’t know she’s a Skrull. Remember that old-school story about Reed Richards brainwashing a team of Skrull soldiers into thinking they were normal Earth cows? Don’t tell me Jessica has implanted memories and is a sleeper agent or something.

Dammit. Now I need to go out and buy Skrull Kill Krew.


Yeah I remember that FF story LOL! They used the same thing like more or less the same story in both the 60s and 90s FF cartoons ha ha!

Man I don’t know how but it does seem more and more like you know what is the case going by Bendis’ interview. Course there is always writers screwing with us and so on.

The entire interview is a spoiler for New Avengers BTW, and during the interview he gives away the season finale of Sopranos too kind of if you still haven’t seen that. :sweat:


Has anyone read Marvel Zombies? (I have a good friend who is a freakish zombie fan) and would you recommend it as a gift? Does it have good storylines, battles, artwork (I have seen the covers but not the book), and dialog?


marvel zombies is great.

aren’t you glad i forced you into reading WWH DS? now go pick up the planet hulk HC


I hate you, Ever. <3

I’ll pick up the HC soon. Maybe tomorrow, since I have spare money to throw out.


do it. you’ll thank me for it. not just because it’s a great read, but it’ll make you forget WW3 completely.


Check out X-Men #196


I would definitely get to your friend as a gift, the humor is alittle dark but otherwise enjoyable, didn’t really have alot of battles but you get the past issues of Ultimate Fantastic four where the frightful four came in and check out the new issue of Blank Panther coming up on the 27th you should more Marvel Zombies than you can handle. I still the art in the Ultimate Fantastic Four was alittle better that of Marvel Zombies hardcover.


So how 'bout them thar Thunderbolts?

Seems kind of interesting to me, a book following the adventures of a bitch-ass team of Pro-Regs, hunting down heroes. I skimmed the last book out with Steel Spider being crazy and what-not, and it looked pretty interesting. I really wanna see them get their asses to handed to them. I’ll probably start picking this one up.

So what’s the deal with this new Venom? I guess, it’s the guy that was Scorpion, right? How’d he get a symbiote?


Loooooong story short (and even this explanation won’t be that short…) Eddie Brock was dying of cancer because the suit sapped adrenaline from the guy for years making him weak. Which is why it always wanted to recombine with Spider-Man, he puts out lots of adrenaline due to Spidey powers and he could take it, Eddie or no normal human can. Anyway, the minute he lost the suit he was dying, so when they recombined only the suit was keeping him alive. Eddie Brock auctioned off the suit regretting his past and attempted suicide by slitting his wrists sending him into a coma. The suit went to a mafia guy who gave it to his son, his son died while using the suit, it then approached Scorpion and he became the new Venom.

Eddie Brock is making a return in an upcoming issue of Spectacular Spider-Man and is supposed to be Venom again somehow at least for a little while, he’s in the same hospital as Aunt May…


So does the person in question do you know what? Please don’t ask me to look for an issue 4 months old, my comics are all over the freaking place until that magical time twice a year when I organize my comics. :rofl:


Ah, I see. Well, Mystique uses her powers in that one, so she is still a mutant.


Okay thanks. I either forgot about it or accidentally missed an issue. :smile: