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Can someone explain to me exactly what an Annual is? I don’t get the concept behind them.


It’s a special issue that comes out once a year.

They used to have their own numbering system, like if Amazing Spider-Man had been out for 50 years it would be annual number 50 but nowadays that isn’t always the case. Most of the time because any comic that has either a number 1 or no number will sell better than anything that says issue 50. Which is why comics restart their issue numbers all the freaking time.

Back in like the 60s for Marvel, sometimes they were reprints of stories that could be found in the regular comic when it was much harder to track down back issues so a lot of times they served that purpose, for readers who missed out on older stories. Nowadays it’s always new material.


Do they usually stay in continuity?


Annuals are always in continuity. The events in the annual may not be happening at the same time as the story in the regular book but they are always in continuity.


J.G. Jones draws Spider-Man 2099 cover for his upcoming appearance in Superior Spider-Man.

Ha ha Spider-Man’s new costume debuted today in Avengers. It should be in the very next issue of Superior. Slott and Ramos were beaten to the punch by just a bit. I still don’t like the new outfit though.

Enjoyed Savage Wolverine today too. Nice surprise ending!


Thanos Rising is a bit too-on-the-nose for me and almost, not entirely but almost treats readers like they are idiots. I liked the subtelty that Starlin used more with Thanos and Death’s relationship. However, the artwork is really cool and it is so new reader friendly I still recommend it. Just wish it was a bit more subtle.


Did not know they were doing robo silver samurai, silver samurai son now rocks a suit thats based on tech, dont know if there doing some weird thing that makes no sense to the comics like deadpool in the last wolverine… silver samurai was killed and his son was dating wolvies daughter Amiko, not x23 the clone , but the one back in japan with the assassin ninja chick thats now crippled Yukio . Then the new silver samurai betrayed his clan, the hand and lost control of them, yadda yadda yadda,basically the silver samurai kid is silver samurai in the comics and his suit is all tech if i remember it all correct, it sounds stupid the way im saying it but it was a good story line that should have rolled on


Well for what it’s worth so far most of the early reviews for The Wolverine are good.


Comic Con News Summary

[list] []Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe []Ragnarok Now []GotG Artwork []Cataclysm []New Warriors in Nova []More secrets for Battle of the Atom [*]Ultron in Avengers 2 [/list]

[list] []Another Wolverine miniseries exploring his past []Another X-Men book starring Wolverine, Storm, Iceman and Beast… YAWN… [*]Couldn’t care less about Nightcrawler coming back[/list]


Just me I’m looking forward to the Origin sequel just because Gillen compared his take on it to White Fang, one of my favorite prose books.

If you were paying close attention Aaron already teased Nightcrawler’s return in Wolverine and the X-Men a few issues back so no surprise there.


I don’t get why they would want to do a story like Cataclysm. Warren Ellis already did a major Galactus event in the Ultimate universe. I highly doubt they’re gonna top it. Regardless, why not at least use a top tier artist for this major event? Nothing screams, “THIS ISN’T AN IMPORTANT COMIC BOOK!” like the mediocre art stylings of Mark Bagley.


Ultron in Avengers 2… but Marvel/Disney acting like bitches and are not bring Hank Pym to the party.

If that ain’t some bullshit to leave old boy out of his biggest and most iconic story just because his next iconic one involes him smacking his wife during a breakdown.


Ant Man will get his own movie and he’ll still invent the Pym particles. Iron Man will invent Ultron most likely. I guess they don’t want Iron Man to look like a dumb ass next to Pym and have him invent something lol!

Not really bothered by it. Movies are movies, comics are comics. Robert Downey Jr. messing up that badly and creating Ultron will make for an entertaining flick.


I forgot Nightcrawler was dead.


So yeah The Wolverine was better than the last film but the Wolverine anime that adapts the same comic book story is waaaay better.

Lol at Fox. You only had to read five comics to get this story right. FIVE. Please give the rights back to Marvel.

So I dunno, I still give it 3 Adamantium Claws out of 6 or something. Hugh Jackman, that lady who played Mariko, the train scene and the post credits scene save it from being absolute trash like Origins was.



Aaron on Nightcrawler’s return. Personally I’m looking forward to it since Nightcrawler used to be my favorite Mutant. I say used to because he hasn’t been written well since Alan Davis was on Excalibur. Anyway Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men is currently the only X-Men book I still read so hopefully he’ll be the first to get Nightcrawler right in the last two decades.


What, you didn’t like all the unforgettable things Chuck Austen did with Nightcrawler?


Chuck Austen wrote Nightcrawler? Lies. LIES! :stuck_out_tongue:


Special thanks to fellow SRK mod Yeahdood for showing me this. An amazing Venom fan film staring Ryan Kwanten (Jason) from True Blood!


More and more it seems like the mysterious man who showed up during the post credits scene of Amazing Spider-Man was ‘The Gentleman’ from the Spider-Man prose series trilogy, The Gathering of The Sinister Six. I’ve never read or even heard of these books until today but I’ll definitely give them a read now!