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‘Are They’ teaser -

Really enjoyed Superior Spider-Man this week. Slott did a really great job connecting things from current 616 to 2099. Looks this is stuff he’s been doing since Big Time started but I never connected the dots. Sneaky and brilliant.


Infinity: I like Infinity so far. Thanos having one son still alive should be interesting.

Xmen legacy 16: Shit just got real. Legion’s entrance was like a god’s. Once again, it’s so cool to see Legion going through people like butter. But then again these X-men are broken.
I will say it was cool to see Ruth zap the cuckoo sisters when they were spouting their sillicon valley girl speech, bitches had it coming.
Oh, and Illyana calling Ruth “loserslut” lol. I thought Emma couldn’t use her psychic powers when she wanted know, but she attacked Legion.

And if that at the end was Ruth’s brother still alive… well, at least it means she could recover her stolen powers, right?

Preview: Uncanny X-Force #11

The last page: “do you even lift, bro?”

Is that from this

Preview: Astonishing X-Men #67

Glad the woe is me stuff with Iceman is over.

Preview: X-Men #5


Brian Michael Bendis teases how the rise of the Inhumans will impact mutants, plus a surprising guest!

“This is the number one question people have been asking since they heard about Inhumanity and the rise of the Inhumans,” says the writer in regard to how mutants in general and the X-Men in specific will be affected. “What is the difference between mutants and Inhumans? How will they coexist? What will their relationship be? We will be answering these questions immediately.”

I always thought mutants and inhumans were somewhat alike, but if it means mutants taking ANOTHER hit…


I watched the Doctor Strange animated movie, I liked it despite some bad parts. Wish they would do a Doctor Strange movie instead of Ant man -_-


A video game has revealed what Thanos’ son from Infinity before the comic has. Spoiler naturally.


Rocket Raccoon by Scottie Young!


Loved Avengers this week!

[details=Spoiler]Big up to that Nihilo who kinda / sorta / not really looked like a crab version of Shuma-Gorath. Eeeh I’ll take it lol!

And oh snap, there’s more than one Abyss? So MvC2 Abyss has a chance of getting down with Marvel? WORD! Wait, all the Abyssi died thousands of years ago? D’OH![/details]

Oh yeah, and it’s good to know that Bendis still doesn’t know what to do with Angela. Well the story’s not over. I hope she at least speaks soon. She needs to take all the word balloons away from Rocket Raccoon since he’s really getting some horrible dialog in this run.


New She-Hulk ongoing series in February.


Sano, read mighty avengers 2


I’m loving Superior Spidey x 2099 right now. Shit is too fucking good.

What are your guy’s opinions on Superior Carnage so far? Seems like it could get pretty good.


Eh you can probably figure out who is in it if Pained is telling me, see my last spoiler lol


Thanks man SHUMA-GORAAAAATH!!! Too bad it’s a Greg Land issue but on the plus you can’t draw Shuma-Gorath by tracing porno magazines or old comics. NEW SHUMA ART WHAT WHAAAAT!!!

Martian - Loving the 2099 crossover as well but kind of tired of all the Carnage minis. When they named the previous one ‘Minimum Carnage’ I was out lol!


Really liked the Avengers graphic novel Endless Wartime by Warren Ellis. There’s a forward by the actor Clark Gregg, AKA Phil Coulson. Pick it up if you have the extra cash, highly recommended.

Dug the Spider-Man Marvel Knights issue. Good to read Peter Parker again, even if this story obviously took place a long time ago (if you only have basic 90s cartoon knowledge of Spidey you’ll be fine). The story itself is trippy and reads like Spider-Man Fever but Fever is WAAAAY better. Still nice to see Pete again even though I’m enjoying Slott’s work on Superior right now.

Can’t really judge the new Savage Wolverine story, too bizarre. Hopefully it goes somewhere interesting.

And ah, finished reading Mighty Avengers 1 & 2. Besides Land’s artwork that I’m not a fan of the series is pretty cool. Only real gripe, and it’s mostly due to what’s going on in 616 and not the story itself -



Ah man this is gonna be Spidey and Shuma’s first official 616 meeting and Ock is riding shotgun! Two of my favorite Marvel characters will not ‘really’ meet! Someone call the fanboy WAAAAMBULANCE I’m hurtring here! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll definitely be buying Endless Wartime. Clark Gregg is an awesome introduction writer, I will buy any comic book if he writes the foreword.


I’m sick and tired of everyone asking me when they are gonna do an Iron Man and M&Ms Candy crossover. Well it’s here now hope you’re happy and stop asking me GAWD! :stuck_out_tongue:


Today’s issue of Infinity - SHIT JUST GOT REAL! HIIIIIIICKMAAAAAN!!!


Thor was so badass in Infinity #4.

This series is really bad for just expecting people to buy all the tie-ins though. So much happens between issues.

Anyone been watching Agents of Shield? The first episode was meh (except for a Robin Sparkles appearance which is always welcome), but I have the next two episodes sitting there on the DVR. Does it get better?


Loving it so far. Third episode was the best since they started to go into Marvel territory not explored in the movies. Great cameo in episode 2.


Yea, you have to read Avengers and New Avengers for any type of complete story. The Captain Marvel tie-ins are completely unnecessary though. I think the same can be said for Avengers Assemble.

Mighty Avengers isn’t required, but it’s a good read and shows more of the Thanos invasion.

The Fearless Defenders book also isn’t required, but does show some early affects of worldwide terragenesis.


new ghost rider sporting that vaizard mask from ichigo bleach


A ton of new books announced, yet I’m not looking forward to all of them.

ALL IN - *Will buy unless series disappoints *
X-Factor, New Warriors, Captain Marvel, Avengers Undercover, Ghost Rider, Iron Patriot, Inhumanity, Inhumans

MAYBE - First issue and creative team will determine if I give it a shot
Punisher, Elektra, Black Widow, Avengers World, Thunderbolts, She-Hulk, Amazing X-Men

NO - Not interested at all. Will not buy.
Loki, Silver Surfer, All-New Invaders

On top of those, I’m REALLY looking forward to what’s next for the O5 X-Men after BOTA ends. Crossover arc with GotG? Yes please! Immomen and Pichelli on the art? Dream come true.

Superior Spider-Man seems to be ramping up as well. I think the Green Goblin is