Marvel Comics Thread


Definitely buying Amazing X-Men since I’m currently not picking up any other X-Men book because I’m not a 616 Bendis fan. I was reading Wolverine and the X-Men, but the second it touched Battle of the Atom I was out. I might pop back in for the upcoming issue with Wolverine and Cyclops since I haven’t read anything with Cyclops in it in a long time.

And Amazing X-Men has Iceman and Firestar. Grew up on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends so that’s definitely a win for me. I like Aaron’s writing. Please keep this book FAAAAAAAR away from anything Bendis is doing.

Lol a new Ghost Rider that’s not Johnny Blaze. That ALWAYS works out… x_X

Silver Surfer with Slott and Allred, sounds like a win. I just hope the book is not about Silver Surfer getting his ass kicked on a monthly basis like what always happens with Silver Surfer. For such a powerful character I don’t know why Marvel likes to shit on him. Got his ass kicked in Planet Hulk, got his ass kicked during Annihilation and the biggest humiliation was Carnage beating him up and taking his board. WOW… If he beats up Galactus in issue 1 I will be a fan for life.

She-Hulk and Captain Marvel I’ll try out. Captain Marvel didn’t click with me the last time but if it’s going to be more cosmic oriented I’m willing to give it another chance.


Looks like we’re on opposite ends of the fence w/ X-Men. I can’t stand Aaron. For me, WatXM is the worst X-book on shelves right now. I hate how he depends so much on these weird, unlikable mutated characters that he created - Eyeboy, Shark Girl… GLOB HERMAN? Really? And I didn’t think it was possible for me to dislike self-hating Idie, but Aaron proved me wrong. Everything she says is followed by, “Too bad I’m a monster” or something of the sort. I get it Aaron! She doesn’t like herself.

The guy even ruined Quire for me.

As it stands now, the Aaron written X-books are the only ones I’m not reading. I gave WatXM a second chance to checkout the Hellfire Saga and that just cemented everything I don’t like about the book.

Bendis may not be perfect, but by far he’s doing the more interesting stuff. I think you’re missing out not reading ANXM and UXM.

Once I saw Allred was on Surfer, I was out. That style just isn’t for me. Which is a shame because I love what Slott has been doing on Spider-Man - those Octospidey is becoming more and more difficult to root for.


I used to like Bendis early on in Avengers but, they’ve given him way too much work so much so that he’s burned himself out.

I read the free preview of the beginning of his X-Men run. 6 pages. There were two instances of foreshadowing. Two instances where the characters said “If our youngers selves could see us now they wouldn’t like what we’ve been doing today.” Two instances. In six pages. TWO! That’s just horrible writing. That told me not to go anywhere near his run.

I did read Age of Ultron because it had ramifications on the rest of the Marvel Universe and Guardians of the Galaxy because of the Angela crossover thing. Both of them have incredibly horrible writing to me. So I just can’t go through that with my beloved X-Men. I… Just… Can’t.

The entire concept of having the younger X-Men travel to this time written by someone who has NO IDEA WHO TIME TRAVEL WORKS IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE OR EVEN BASIC ALTERNATE REALITY TIME TRAVEL THEORY - see Age of Ultron and compare it to every other Marvel comic that has utilized time travel FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS - to me sounds like an absolute nightmare. All would be fine if an editor actually told Bendis what he was doing was wrong but no. As usual BENDIS WROTE IT SO IT IS FACT BIBLE / CANON / DEAL WITH IT! How one person who doesn’t know jack about 616 have this much power in the Marvel Universe is beyond me.

Aaron and Allred, lol I like weird. It’s different, fun. Aaron also understands Marvel WAAAAY better than Bendis does even if he doesn’t understand Marvel time travel either. Hickman does of all of the current staff. Slott does ‘kinda,’ but to be fair Slott doesn’t write in a way that breaks it.

Bendis does and I guess that’s why the timeline is broken. Lol it was broken by horrible writing, nothing Wolverine did in the past could break the timeline by Marvel’s rules. It would create a seperate reality where Ultron didn’t takeover the world or fix 616 and make Age of Ultron land an alternate reality, that’s it. The entire concept of breaking the timestream is stupid in itself since there is an entire organization that only exists to keep it in check but SHHHH…

Well hey if this is the excuse needed to get Spider-Man 2099 here for a spell more power to Bendis. More horrible writing power I guess.

All of this is the complete opposite with his work on Ultimate Spider-Man which is completely different. And it’s… GASP really good! It’s almost like there are two different Bendises… Bendii? You give him a world free of following ____ amount of years of history he can work wonders. Now that Ultimate Spider-Man might come to 616… Um… Uh oh. HELLO KITTY PILLOW HOLD ME… :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to Allred, always loved his work but I can’t stand Fraction’s use of dialog, can’t put my finger on why exactly but it just doesn’t work for me. So that’s why I passed on FF. Now that Allred’s with Slott definitely going to give that a try. Silver Surfer SERIOUSLY needs to kick some ass though.


Miracleman news FINALLY! It’s a miracle lol!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Paul Rudd as Ant-Man? Rudd is cool but go with JGL no doubt!


I engoyed Guardians of the Galaxy this week. As much as I trash 616 Bendis now and then he does get things right. Well Gaiman was helping. :stuck_out_tongue:



So either this Angela is a new Angela or dying in Spawn #100 messed with her memory. Either way I’m fine with it. Any connection to a world where God and the Devil are reborn as Spawn’s ex-wife Wanda’s baby twins and Jesus is a vampire might best be left severed. McFarlane’s crazy lol!


FREE digital Dead Rising 3 comic from Frank Tieri who wrote all of the dialog and endings for MvC3 and UMVC3!


I just read the Greg Pak-written Silver Surfer comic yesterday. It was horrible. One of the worst Surfer comics I’ve ever read. I wish the Surfer would get a good writer. It’s so disheartening to see that Allred will get to draw the Surfer but we get Dan Slott writing… We were so close to a great Surfer comic!! Dammit.


hey everyone!

just had to chime in on New Warriors. it used to be one of my staple titles back in the 90’s, so i’ll probably get the first few issues for nostalgia’s sake, although looking at the lineup, i’m really only familiar with like 3 of the characters.


I was kind of intrigued by the concept of the new New Warriors (a team populated by members who represent a different corner of the Marvel Universe). Then I noticed that Chris Yost is going to write it. That won’t be good. At all.


haha. seems like that guy is behind all of Marvel’s animated series now.

him and “Man of Action.”


Great interview with Kelly Sue Deconnick, the writer of Captain Marvel. It gets really interesting when she starts talking about diversity and ethnicity in comics.


Did Yost work on the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon? Or was it Craig Kyle? (Or both of them.) Their comics are all bad, but I’ll admit that I thought the cartoon was more fun than any of their comics.

I’m all for Man of Action, though. Not sure if I’ve actually paid attention to any of their cartoons but I’m definitely a big fan of their comics.


Yeah Yost and Kyle. Didn’t care for Wolverine and The X-Men personally but I did enjoy a lot of the voice actors. A step up from the 90s show for a lot of characters.

Not a big fan of Yost and Kyle’s comics. Don’t hate them but don’t love them either. I’ll admit that Yost’s animated ventures are better than his comics.

Yost is also scripting the second Thor movie. Wonder how that will turn out. Hard to put emphasis on a script at times because especially with movies there are so many changes from script to finished product. Sometimes for the best but not always. JMS wrote the first Thor film. Pretty big shoes to fill.

It looks like the identity of the ‘Spider-Hero’ in Mighty Avengers has been leaked. Spoilers of course.


Happy Birthday Steve Ditko!


Thor: The Dark World is awesome. Infinity #5 was not so good after the awesome #4.


Huge archive of easter egg cameos in comics. I knew about a lot of these but not all. Obviously not all of these are Marvel but these are still really cool. Charlie Brown gets around lol!


Captain Britain and other Marvel UK characters will return next year in Revolutionary War!


Endless Wartime was so good. That’s definitely up there in the top three or four best Avengers stories ever.


Yeah I liked how Endless Wartime crossed Captain America and Thor’s pasts and made it work.