Marvel Comics Thread


I can see Endless Wartime as one of those evergreen stories that stands the test of time. You don’t need any real familiarity with continuity, but the story still works for veteran readers. Ellis’ snappy and witty dialogue sells the characters. It’s been a long time since I’ve read an Avengers comic that was so clever.


Enjoyed Amazing X-Men #1 this week. Kind of bummed that the story conflicts a bit with Angela’s origin in Gaurdians of the Galaxy though. If only editors or writers would speak to each other when you could see this possible contradiction coming ten miles away. Oh well it’s an easy fix I guess.


So whose hype for the new shows?

Also sad to see Cable & X-Force go, but the new series written by Spurrier (who did awesome things in XML) looks to have a lot of potential.


The Netflicks shows of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil and Defenders? Oh yeah definitely hype. The Marvel cinematic universe is really growing.

Talk is that DC is finally taking the hint and going to tie Arrow into their movies. Kind of blows that they have an Australian Deathstroke, UH… But it’s still better than having everything exist in a bubble.


Thor 2 was dope! Marvel movie so make sure you sit through all and I do mean ALL of the credits. Post credits scene and end credits scene.


What did you think of the [details=Spoiler]Cap cameo[/details]?

I thought it was really well done and a nice surprise.


Yeah that was funny. Loki stole the entire movie for the second time. Hiddelston should get his own Loki movie. I signed a petition for that some time ago lol!


All new x-factor looks interesting


Everything you need to know about um… something in the first Thor 2 teaser. Look away if you haven’t seen the movie yet, major spoiler.


Venom will join Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Lol Bendis hates Venom and the symbiotes. Strange. Maybe it will still be Flash after the Superior Spider-Man story, they are not saying.


Overall enjoyed Infinity. Wish the ending was a little stronger though.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Be safe!


I hope my favorite character “Moon Knight” gets popular with comic readers someday, and becomes a playable character in the future MvsC4 or any other new Marvel game for that matter. He’s already a playable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and in Spider- Man: Web of Shadows you can fight along side him. In one of the endings of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Moon Knight is overcome by the Venom symbiote. I’m looking forward to Moon Knight’s next run, and hopefully it reaches past ten this time.


Good deal on Endless Wartime for anyone still holding out. Buy 2 books get one free!


Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey are gonna launch a new Moon Knight ongoing. I’m looking forward to it. Moon Knight’s gotten a lot of love over the past few years. The Huston/Benson stuff was pretty good, then there was also the Bendis/Maleev run (just gorgeous), and all of his Secret Avengers appearances. I’m expecting the upcoming Ellis Moon Knight to be flat out awesome.


Aaron’s last Wolverine and the X-Men book will be #42 so he can focus on Amazing X-Men. WATXM will relaunch under a new writer.


Alternate cover for Marvel’s Miracleman #1 coming out in January! Wait why is it not called Miracleman? Marvel bought the rights so they should be able to call it Marvelman right? Eh whatever I give up. MORE REPRINTS COMING FINALLY! :slight_smile:


“The Original Writer.” Ha.


Looking forward to PAD’s new X-Factor squad!


Mike Carey’s back HELL YEAH loved X-Men Legacy and Age of X! Wish he was on an ongoing book but a GN will do nicely too!


Check the image below. Miracleman: “SHORYUKEN!” Lol!