Marvel Comics Thread


Due to Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on Wednesdays this year, new comics will be in stores on the Tuesdays prior.

Chances are this means the same for day and date digital, however next week very few new comics are actually coming out.

Even if you don’t buy your comics weekly, definitely hit up your LCS on Tuesday for a FREE Marvel 2024 calendar! I’ve been rocking FREE Marvel Calendars for the last 2 years. What’s it like spending money for a calendar man I forgot lol!

Otherwise next week is going to be pretty quiet. Wolverine Origin II and over on DC’s camp there’s Robotech / Voltron coming out. Should be fun reads at least.


love the calendars that Marvel gives out for free at the end of the year. I think around 2009 or 2010 they gave out free Avenger ID cards.


Dude I still have that Avengers ID card in my wallet, with Spider-Man on it! It’s not in great shape though. Wish I wasn’t embarassed to ask to have it lamenated ROFL!


Infinity Revalations by Jim Starlin? HELL YEAH!


Looks like someone’s getting married in April.


Deadpool’s the one getting married. Wait WHAT? Lol!

Also the Star Wars comics are going back to Marvel in 2015.


Quick follow up. I read the first book ‘The Gathering of the Sinister Six’ and I really enjoyed it. The author really used the medium to his credit and gave us a few fight scenes that were much longer than comics since space restrictions weren’t really an issue.

There was some pretty cool stuff in the book, like Stan Lee had a cameo in it. And this book even came out before the first Spider-Man movie so that is pretty awesome! There are also quite a few celebrities in the story who are either flat out mentioned or hinted at.

Mysterio was really scary in this book, probably the creepiest version of Mysterio I’ve ever read.

As far as ‘The Gentleman’ and the hinting of Spider-Man’s sister, I do wonder if the graphic novel Mark Waid is writing is a way to introduce this sister properly into 616. Especially if it is indeed The Gentleman that was seen at the end of the movie ASM. And if the movie is taking cues from this prose trilogy perhaps Marvel is too.

I have the next two books which I found grouped together in a big book called ‘The Sinister Six Combo.’ I’m not sure why they didn’t just make a bigger book and include all three books because someone who starts reading this big book without reading the first one is going to be lost. Anyway, the following two volumes are called ‘Revenge of the Sinister Six’ and ‘The Secret of the Sinister Six’ respectively if you wish to read each book seperately.


PAD on the new X-Factor. Can’t wait to check it out!


RIP Watcher ooh… -_-


Peter Parker may be returning in April.


Dan Slott confirms Peter Parker’s return in April.


I’m pretty pumped. Superior Spidey has been an incredible story, but I honestly have no objections to Peter returning. I miss all the wise-cracks and you really just can’t compete with OG Spidey. If anything, I’m really excited to see how they bring him back exactly, what happens to Doc Ock, and the seeing the repercussions of Otto’s actions while he was in control of Peter’s body and life.


So Michael Douglas is playing Ant-Man and Paul Rudd is playing Scott Lang? Interesting.


More with Slott and Ramos on Spider-Man’s return.




Oh god. I haven’t read the latest. Now I need to see what happens lol.


Brubaker loved Captain America 2. Good sign.


Carol Captain Marvel is getting the anime treatment already, watch the trailer below!


So X-Factor has been rebooted again. Has anyone read it? Does anyone like it?


Yeah so far it’s cool. PAD had some fun with Gambit. Wolverine was telling him he’s a teacher at the X-Mansion now so stop stealing already lol! Polaris’ looking good in the new outfit. The story’s still ongoing but it’s alright so far.