Marvel Comics Thread


Issue 2 of X-Factor that dropped yesterday wrapped up the story which is really cool. You don’t have to buy 3 to 5 issues like most comics do nowadays to get 1 story to judge it. Buy 2 issues, if you don’t enjoy, drop. And it’s PAD so if you don’t enjoy you suck so go kill yourself LOL!

Anyway, really good so far. They fought a really big giant guy, felt like a video game but in a fun and well written way.

Also really liked the Miracleman comic that came out last week. Issue 2 comes out next week. I feel like it’s the bi-weekly age of Marvel or something ROFL!




Upcoming Secret Avengers writer Ales Kot talks about spies in the Marvel universe.


Happy 50th Birthday Daredevil!


Spider-Man gets the year one treatment in Learning To Crawl.


More and more it seems that Spider-Man 2099’s comic is coming back. Wacker even tossed another hint in his final letters column page in the latest issue of Superior Spider-Man. If it does return I hope PAD and Leonardi work on it again.


Anybody reading the new (Wolverine) Origin II?


Yeah. Mixed feelings. I like how it’s talking heavy cues from the prose novel White Fang, one of my favorites. However I’m not feeling Mister Sinister’s involvement. Can’t Cyclops have anything for himself geez.


Starlin will give Thanos an annual before the graphic novel comes out!


Camuncoli on drawing the final issue of Superior Spider-Man.


Dope how he snuck in Spider-Man and Superman’s names in one panel in Miracleman #3 if you pay attention. “The Original Writer” is awesome ROFL!


I dropped 270 on a Amazing Spider-Manm 129 (1st Punisher). I met Stan Lee last weekend and got my Silver Surfer #4 signed also got it CGC’d too. I wanted to get my ASM 129 signed too but they sold out of autograph tickets. So I had to give it to Desert Wind so they can have Stan Lee, John Romita SR, Gerry Conway, and Len Wein to sign it. I could’ve had Len sign it there but I was lazy to wait for them but should have since I stayed at the event for a while. I ended up purchasing original art from Humberto Ramos

Ramos has been starting to get a lot of hate recently for his art now…


Count me among the haters. I know, I know - Is there anything Zephy don’t hate? Probably not. But Ramos’ art definitely cracks my top 138.


Nice page! I would love to get some of his Spider-Island stuff, a lot of those panels were insane!


New Savage Hulk series that will have rotating artists and writers just like Savage Wolverine. Alan Davis is doing the first story and Jim Starlin is doing the second.


Midtown comics will have an exclusive J. Scott Campbell cover for Superior Spider-Man #1. Not really feeling this cover myself but just in case anyone is interested.


1,000s of Spider-Men vs. Morlun. Spider-Ham returns lol!


Man. We’re really in the Stupid Age of Comics. They’re really just flinging poop at the wall and trying to see what leaves a stain.


I need some help from the comic savvy: I’m new to comics and recently started reading Annihilation. I’ve read the Thanos and Drax prologues as well as the four 4-issue minis, and am now at the start of Annihilation proper. Is their any material I’m missing regarding the formation of the United Front? It seems strange to jump to that point, and as I’m enjoying what I’ve read thus far, I’d hate to miss any significant portions of the arc.


Personally I loved Annihilation but only really messed with the main series really so I can’t be of much help sorry. I think I read the Nova series too and have been meaning to read the Super Skrull one, but that’s about it.

Loved Superior Spider-Man today! Nice of them to throw in Black Widow #1 in the comic at no additional price even if I wasn’t feeling it.