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PAD’s gonna write the new Spider-Man 2099 series WOOT WOOT!


This Spider-verse storyline sounds really crazy! Peter Parker Ultimate Spider-Man? The 4 Fairy Tales Spider-Men? The Mangaverse Spider-Man? DANG! Slott says it will be like the game Shattered Dimensions that he wrote, just as a comic and much bigger. Pretty hype now!

I hope they include the two Japanese Spider-Men, the one from the manga and the live action TV show. Hell put Tobey McGuire in it ROFL!




Sano’s utter lack of cynicism is just amazing.


Spider Verse just keeps getting better and better. Goddamn I’m hype for that shit.

Is this just gonna be a standalone story or is it somehow a part of 616?


It’s 616. Originally it was going to happen during the Superior Spider-Man but they told Slott to hold off until Peter Parker’s return.


Scottie Young’s Spider-Man come to life lol!


God damn I am lost, been trying to read comics in the first time in years, there is a female Hawkeye, Cyke is a bad guy, Venom is a good guy, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.


The Deadpool wedding issue was TOO FUNNY! At least 3 One More Day slams in there, even Quesada gets made fun of HA HA HA! The seventh Infinity gem being a Retcon Gem OMG! The Marvel Studios movies need that one as an ‘Infinity Stone’ in real life to erase the Fox Studios movies out of existence ROFL!

That was pretty dope how last week’s episode of SHIELD flowed into Captain America The Winter Soldier and then the episode the week after took place during the middle of the movie and after the movie. It was like a comic book crossover experienced in live action as close to real time as you can get. That’s never happened in the history of TV and cinema before. Great two weeks to be a Marvel fan!


Read Venom. It’s damn good.


Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends reunite in Amazing X-Men! My childhood is happy WOOT WOOT!


Check out Cap dreaming about the Infinity Gems. Pretty cool!


OK, so I liked Infinity. The bad guys were really strong and all. But did Thanos had to be defeated like that? It was just like how Adam Warlock killed him. Meh.

Avengers: I liked the whole builders things though I don’t necessarily think I learned much about them.

X-men legacy: now, I like the whole of the volume, but the ending just pisses me off. I am not mad about reviving people, I am not one of those comics fans that go “oh no, now that the character is alive again, it takes away the meaning of his death.” No, what upsets me is that everything Legion accomplished, the beating he gave the uncanny x-men, the people he dominated, all has been erased. Sure, it all lives in our minds, but FUCK THAT. Oh well, like it was said in the end a new writer will probably bring him back. It doesn’t seem like everything was reset as in All-New Invaders #3, Captain America tells the Human Torch something went down with Xavier’s “weird kid” and Aarkus.

All-New X-men: pretty good so far. I liked how X-23 was resisting young Cyclops, but now she seems to like him. Jean develops new powers outta nowhere. Guess that’s why the Xorna thing.

PREVIEW: All-New X-Men #27

I just wonder who are the parents of Xavier Jr. are. There’s theories already like at the exact moment Xavier died, that woman was giving birth and somehow Xavier’s animus was either attached or absorbed into the new born. Or Xavier had another son. You know the man kept a lot of secrets: such as his first kid, Scott’s other brother Vulcan, Danger Room being alive, etc.

I have to say, how did the little Molly Hayes from the Runaways grow up to be so delicious? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you read the Thanos mini-series? 12 issues.


Lots of Spidey news. Electric Company Spider-Man and Japanese 70s TV show Spider-Man confirmed for Spider-Verse with his big robot Leopardon or whatever it was called OH SNAP!


Superior Spider-Man returns in August. Wait wha…? Lol okay. Good to know Ock might not be dead I guess.


x-men 99c sale

just got the first half of x-menm legacy vol.2 for $11!!


He’s not being revived. I think it’s just a short that’s going to cover what happened to Spock during the explosion that happened at Alchemax when Spidey 2099 guest starred in the Superior arc.


Ock will be back sooner or later. It’s Marvel lol!

Miles Morales is joining the All-New X-Men in 616 land. RIP Ultimate Universe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Memorial Day! Be safe.


Not sure why they felt the need to bring Miles to 616. His continuity in the Ultimate universe was fine.

You know besides that whole 2 year time jump that made no sense…


Man this forum is dead…we should just go back to a single thread in GD :frowning: