Marvel Comics Thread


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I hardly mess with forums at all anymore. Because… Facebook and Twitter? If you hate on Marvel or Capcom I just unfriend you or block you. AKA Nirvana. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t even get the allure of forums anymore after the invention of social media, but I’m getting oooooold so maybe forums are just a young man’s game.

But this place isn’t breaking SRK or anything so no sweat off my back. Anyone wants to stop by to talk comics stop by. Or don’t. Your call.


Crazy rumor floating around that Marvel will cancel Fantastic Four to snub Fox.

If this is true Fox, just let Marvel Studios use Silver Surfer and Galactus. That’s all they’ve been wanting for a couple of years now.


Excellent write up on the Marvel / Fox Fantastic Four block out and the possibility of Spider-Man getting down with the Avengers in Avengers 3. Please oh please… Lol!


More on the Fantastic Four’s possible cancellation. This time with Alonso’s non denial denial…


Aaron talks about Original Sin. SPOILERS.


So Angela is Thor and Loki’s sister now? Um okay lol! On the plus side for me anyway at least she won’t be written by Bendis for once. :slight_smile:


only bad thing about this that no Thor: God of Thunder in August or Sept -_-

and Bendis needs to stop writing X-23 let her join the Amazing team.


Scottie Young Spider-verse cover with lots of Spider-Men. Very cute!


Brevoort on Original Sin #4. Spoilers of course.


Some preview pages for Storm’s ongoing. Looking really good!


Sam Wilson will be the new Captain America and Thor is going to be female.


It’s stupid how they announced the whole Thor thing on The View. I get that it’s probably all a Disney thing (and I applaud their marketing team), but I can’t help but feel cynical about the whole ordeal. I’ve really been liking Aaron’s run on Thor and I would have preferred to be surprised while actually reading the comic. Now that they’ve done this “mainstream” announcement/press release, it just feels like a cheap stunt, a lousy ploy to appeal to the public and get some attention.

Stupid Age of Comics, son.


I hate it when they reveal things in the press before they happen in comics too. People at work who have never read a comic in their lives approach me and we have conversations like this -

“Yo Thor’s a female now you mad son?”

“How the hell would I know the comic isn’t even out yet. Unless you want to talk about female Thor in Earth X or something.”

“Earth X rated? Hook me up with a link to that porn vid yos!”



Sano, what did you think of Spidey 2099 (vol.2) #1?


Loved Spider-Man 2099! It was like seeing old friends Miguel and Lyla from high school again.

I’m currently reading a prose book from PAD about vampires that I bought right from him at Special Edition NY Comic Con. He can do no wrong in my book.


I enjoyed it for what it was, an introduction for new readers.

Favourite part was that Miggy still uses shock as a curse.

Spider-Man 2099 is possibly my favourite comic run of all time, so I’ve high hopes for this series.


Savage Wolverine #21 will take place during World War I. Does make more wonder since they are going to kill Wolverine soon, if Savage will continue and focus on his past. Until he comes back to life anyway.


Brevoort and Remender discuss the new Captain America.


SDCC Spider-Man panel! Still hoping Capcom Spidey makes into Spider-verse. We just need a Spider-Man to yell “WEB-BALL!” Lol!


First look at Marvel’s 2015 Star Wars comics!