Marvel Comics Thread


The original SHIELD TV show characters are joining 616! SKYE AND SHUMA-GORATH HOOK UP I’M CALLING IT!


Thanos The Infinity Revelation by Starlin next week!!!


Modern coloring doesn’t suit Starlin’s art very well, does it?


Read Thanos: Infinity Revelation this morning. It’s not great.


I feel like Jim Starlin is one of those guys whose stuff hasn’t really evolved with the times. Granted, I haven’t read the new Thanos book, but all of his most recent works I’ve read definitely evoke the spirit of the '70s and '80s.


I think the new book is alright. Could use more action I guess. Loved the duality of the universes and the way book showed it. Also where Thanos left off. Not so much the Adam Warlock situation though without spoiling it.

Of course, given how vocal Starlin’s been about limiting the use of Adam Warlock because Marvel is planning on using him in a movie (this is becoming more and more obvious given how Adam’s cocoon has shown up in two movies and the Soul gem / stone has not shown up in movies… Avengers = Space, possibly Mind too with Loki’s staff like Cap 2 hinted at - Thor = Reality, GOTG = Power, confirmed by James Gunn) his handling of Adam Warlock may have been forced on him.

Oh BTW I’ve seen GOTG three times now. Each time I noticed something I missed before, it definitely rewards multiple viewings. I think it’s one of the best comic book movies ever made.

Overall not a bad year for Marvel movies. With the exception of ASM2. Didn’t care for that one. Days of Future Past was surprisingly good. Cap 2 was amazing, especially how it was timed with the SHIELD TV show.


Miggy’s daydream, lol.


Amazing covers with Thanos!


Marvel seems to have an edge over DC for me with its heroes that can relate to ordinary people. Marvel movies are turning out to be more fun. DC I think is dependent on Superman and especially Batman and barely has other heroes one can relate to. I think it has a long way to go before being successful again in comic book movies.


Still not a fan of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon but it’s pretty dope that they incorporated Marvel vs. Capcom frames for Spidey gotta say.


This video is pretty cool in that it pretty much retells the story of the original Rocket Raccoon limited series.


Spider-Man and the X-Men to replace Wolverine and the X-Men? WTF…


More on Spider-Man and the X-Men. Sauron and Stegron team up? Um okay lol!


Rocket Raccoon and Groot variant covers in November because the GOTG movie made a multipadillion dollars lol!


“Can Carnage really be a hero?” - Prinny


Squirrel Girl gets her own series. Well it’s about time! Lol!

And Squirrel Girl appears on Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors and defeats Juggernaut. No seriously ROFL!


Spider-Man married to MJ with a child next summer? I’m sure this is a trick of sorts, probably related to the upcoming Secret Wars crossover that looks like it will touch upon every major Marvel crossover event in the last 30 years or so. Regardless, I’ll be happy for a day lol!


Does anyone around here still buy and read Marvel comics?


To be honest, the only two Marvel books I read nowadays are Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099. Which is better than DC where I don’t read anything they put out right now. Marvel and DC’s latest changes are just too drastic for me. But that’s just me.

It’s funny how I get most of my comic book fix from TV shows and movies now.


Attack on Titan / Marvel crossover? HELL YEAH!

And this might be the catch to Spider-Man getting remarried and his daughter resurfacing. After that happens continuity just might restart and he’ll be stuck in high school forever. D’OH!