Marvel Comics Thread


Preview of the Agents of SHIELD comic that comes out next week. Looks interesting. I wonder how they’ll handle Skye after the big reveal of the TV show’s mid season finale.


Ah I see. Skye and Ward will be absent from the SHIELD comic. Interesting. Spoilers below and a theory that’s been floating around about the TV show below so look away of you’re not caught up watching the series.


20 minute podcast interview with Mark Bagley!


Capcom’s fighting game version of Spider-Man shows up in Spider-Verse issue 2 this week lol!


PAD on Secret Wars 2099!


Spider-Man’s in the MCU hooray!


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Renew Your Vows starts next week woot woot! Just hope Spider-Man stays married beyond this storyline. Especially since we know that Miles is joining the main universe after this. Guess we’ll see how things shake out.

Overall I like the idea of Secret Wars, visiting a lot of great storylines in Marvel’s past before the next reset. I’m not to keen on a lot of these stories being handled by inferior writers though. I’m more than happy to skip a bunch of them, hold onto my memories of the past and just wait to Hickman visits these realms in his excellent Secret Wars comic.

Secret Wars 2099 #1 was dope because it was written by PAD so there’s that.

Definitely want to check out X-Men '92 since it is based on the 90s cartoon. Great nostalgia trip at the very least. Just hope the writing’s good.


Well we got the preview. Underwhelmed. I wish they gave the writing chores to someone who enjoys writing a married Spider-Man because this is really lackluster so far.


Renew Your Vows is pretty bad so far. I’ll finish run though and then it looks like it’s time to take a break from ASM. Spider-Man 2099 will continue so I’m on board for that.

Loving Secret Wars. Issue 2 was really cool, seeing Doom’s scarred up face for the first time in the history of Marvel Comics.

Not really interested in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man run where he will be a millionaire and STILL not married UGH… But here’s a looooooong and interesting exchange between John Byrne and Dan Slott.


Turns out I really enjoyed Spider-Man Renew Your Vows. It had a really poor start but the rest of the issues were really good. I’m surprised that Slott can write a good marriage as much as he dislikes Spider-Man’s marriage.

Now that Miles Morales is joining 616 and there will be a young Peter Parker in high school book named Spidey I really don’t see why Marvel won’t leave Spider-Man married after Secret Wars. Seems silly now that there will be two Spider-Man books that deal with “youth.” Hopefully after this whole Spider-Billionaire fiasco ends cooler heads will prevail and let Peter grow up. Doubt it though.


Because Bendis wants MJ for Iron Man. I was willing to give the dude the benefit of the doubt during his X-Men run, but his ideas just seem like he wants to stir the pot for controversy - not an actual interesting angle. Almost like he gets off on angering fans.

I’m all for interesting changes, but at some point you gotta throw fans a bone for their loyalty. Let Peter and MJ stay married - what’s the harm?


X-Men 92 confirmed as an ongoing title. Deadpool confirmed OH SNAP! They also said they got a confirmation to use a 90s property. Please be X-Men vs. Street Fighter… Lol oh well it’s fun to dream. :slight_smile:


I finally read Old Man Logan and while it was good, I think it’s an overrated arc. Perhaps people just loved seeing their favorite characters in a different paradigm, but it fell flat for me. The only part I really enjoyed was Mysterio tricking Wolverine into killing the X-Men. That was pretty boss.

Also read Alias and loved it - though they crapped all over Luke Cage with that “What If”-style ending issue.


My favorite moment of Old Man Logan was when he was talking to Old Man Hawkeye about his past and all he could say was, “They broke me, bub.”


Just read Secret Wars #9 and it was awesome! Great Fantastic Four story that’s just not called a Fantastic Four story to stick it to Fox lol! Definitely gong to miss Hickman writing Doctor Doom at Marvel.


Pretty cool write up of Spider-Man in the Captain America Civil War film, told from the perspective of a Spider-Man fan. It draws comparisons to the movie and Spider-Man’s escapades in the comics. Spoilers obviously.

Excellent film! My favorite live action Spider-Man ever. :slight_smile:


What do you guys think of Infamous Iron Man? I’ve read the 1st 3 issues so far & I like it


Haven’t messed with it. Mostly reading The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows, X-Men '92 and Spider-Man / Deadpool these days. I should get the Civil War II TPB next month.


It’s a great read bro. I bought Hulk #1 Sunday & I like the story development so far. I just hope Marvel doesn’t pull the plug on this too early like they did the She Hulk issues in the past