Marvel Comics Thread


Cosplayer Jennifer Van Damsel was used as reference for Captain Marvel on a cover of Civil War II The Oath issue 1. That’s pretty cool! I saw her at New York Comic Con last year cosplaying as Cammy.


A variant cover of an upcoming event is making fans upset because Marvel might turn a Holocaust survivor into a Nazi.
It’s just a variant cover though, they didn’t draw Hydra symbol on him like they did with the other Hydra variant covers of Avenger members.


You know for a company that is catering to social justice warriors a heck of a lot, and these are people who get upset if Spider-Woman’s butt is on a cover these days - Marvel really didn’t think this one through. Lol!

Seriously though, it’s just a cover variant. Who cares. Don’t like it don’t buy it. The funny thing is, most of the people complaining have never seen the inside of a comic book store anyway. It’s just the next thing for SJWs to get angry about that they don’t support anyway.


So, How do you think of Logan movie?


I was surprised that I liked it since I really hated Wolverine 1, 2 and almost all of Fox’s Marvel movies. I give it 5 “BERSERKER BARRAGES” out of 5. :slight_smile:


FREE Guardians of the Galaxy comic from Peter David and Todd Nauck! A bit on the silly side since it’s a commercial for Hanes and all that, but it’s still FREE!


New Storm ongoing solo coming soon!

Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Artist: Jen Bartel


Great article on Christopher Priest, an African American writer for Marvel and DC. He was even an assistant editor for Marvel for a time under Jim Shooter. He also wrote Black Panther and created Everett K. Ross. Good read before you check out the Black Panther movie next week if you’re going.


I was more upset about Stan Lee’s passing then I thought I would be. I’m happy that I got to see him at New York Comic Con several times. I feel like I’ve known him ever since he was the narrator on Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends. It felt like I lost a grandparent.

Spider-Man’s my favorite Superhero so losing Steve Ditko in July was also tough. At least we got the best Spider-Man video game now with the PS4 game and ASM is finally a good comic again. Nick Spencer’s current run is excellent.

Rest in power Stan Lee. Excelsior.