Marvel Comics with Udon

What Marvel comics did Udon artists work on? They had a small run on Deadpool and an X-men series didn’t they?
If anyone knows, please tell me what issues and series they worked on. Thanx!

IIRC they also do the Cable/Deadpool series.

They also did a four issue Taskmaster miniseries.

Not sure if it was the artists, but they did a couple Spidey stuff (Marvel Ages I think), or maybe that was the colours. Meh, I don’t really remember but they did some Spidey stuff.

Alivn did a small Age of Apocolypse story featuring Colossus.
Christina Strain got the job coloring on Runaways through them.

These are UDON contributions to Marvel off the top of my head, that I own and hasn’t been mentioned yet:

X-Men Evolution #1-8 (UDON art team)
Marvel Mangaverse: Avengers Assemble! (UDON writer and art team)

X-Men #157 - 160 (UDON colours)
Uncanny X-Men #43 (UDON colours)

Theres also Agent X which I didn’t manage to get…

The first book by Udon I ever Picked up was Deadpool. The art was great and story was fantastic! Really funny book if you can hunt it down.