Marvel Dark Reign series

I haven’t been reading too much into the series because frankly I think it sucks. But I always have this nagging question that I can’t seem to find any answers too.

How the fuck did Norman Osborn become the leader of SHIELD?

Thank you.

Norman Osborn got lucky and killed the Skrull Queen thus ending the Skrull Invasion. His killing of the Queen was shown on TV and the entire nation witnessed it, making him a hero (note that the whole Green Goblin thing DOES get questioned about during Dark Avengers at least).
Seeing how SHIELD was compromised by the Skrulls, it was disbanded but Norman ‘restructured’ it as HAMMER.

There are some pretty good DR stories and series, and each are good in their own way IMO.

The problem I have with Dark Reign is that I’m not really sure what Osborn wants. What’s his plan? He doesn’t seem like the total annihilation type. He already has plenty of power as it stands now but he’ll never be king of the world or anything like that. Maybe it’s just as simple as trying to legally hunt down super-heroes with super-villains. That seems like a small-time endeavour for someone with so much clout.

In Secret Invasion: Dark Reign Dr. Doom and Namor said let Osborn do his thing until he makes a mistake and then Doom will rule the land and Namor will rule the sea. And if he (Osborn) doesn’t screw up Doom said that we’ll see a battle the likes of which this dimension has never seen. What did he mean by that? How powerful is Osborn. I know he has Sentry (Marvel’s equivalent of Superman) on his side but that can’t be all. I really hope that wasn’t a throwaway statement of hyperbole by Dr. Doom.

Well the Dark Reign: The list is suppose to be the finale of the all DR thingie
and read Secret Warriors and Agents of Atlas the 2 best things that came out of DR

The Ms. Marvel Dark Reign issues I’ve enjoyed mainly due to Sana Takeda’s pencils and this crossover gave her an excuse to draw Spider-Man, Wolverine and Deadpool. I’ve always liked Reed’s writing but I’m mainly picking this up for the artwork alone. Her website BTW, you can see a lot of her pages here too -

That’s pretttttttty.

She’s one of the nicest people I’ve met in comics too.
It’s hard to believe she’s the artist everyone got all uppity over with that Heroes for Hire cover.

Her blog has a few images showing her cover thumbnails too.

I remember that. The entire argument was ludicrous. :rofl:

I believe Doom was hinting that the Avengers will take down Osborn while he makes his move in the shadows.Osborn is going to screw up.You can count on it.Plus I poted a link in the Marvel thread that he will be facing off against Tony Stark real soon.The Iron Patriot armor Osborn has on is breaking down & he not only wants Starks brain with all the superhero ID’s he wants his Stark-Tech knowledge

Yeah well as long as Osborn has the Sentry on his side no one can touch him. Least of all the fractured weak Avengers. If they add Hulk or Thor they might have a chance. Emphasis on might. Sentry is the most powerful Earthling in Marvel Comics.