Marvel event timeline help

So, i’ve been into comics for a while, but I’ve recently wanted to get into the marvel series from the first major event. I’m having a little trouble with this, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with a list of major events that happened in the marvel series, in chronological order(not in the marvel world, but in real life). and if anyone’s confused as to which events i’m talking about, i’m talking about events such as kree/skrull war; dark phoenix saga, secret war I/II, etc. thanks

Secret Wars I was the first Marvel event as in company-wide crossover. The two bigger ‘events’ before that were the original Kree / Skrull war and Dark Phoenix, but neither ran through every single comic.

If you want a full list of every event -

Here’s a list of all of the major crossovers, that I can think of - only jotting down the big ones and the ones that ran through multiple titles. For example if something is just self contained to X-Men books I’m leaving it out. Planet Hulk is left out for the same reason, but World War Hulk is included since it flowed through multiple books. Certain things like ‘Dark Reign’ of ‘the Heroic Age’ are not really events per se, but a direction all of the books went through for a time.

Secret Wars I
Secret Wars II
Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity War
Infinity Crusade
Age of Apocalypse
Onslaught Saga
Avengers Disassembled
House of M
Civil War
World War Hulk
Secret Invasion
Fear Itself (ongoing)

Probably missing a few but those are some of the bigger ones in order.

Omg, thanks so much for this. Exactly what I needed. That wiki page is great, but it’s hard to read through which ones are huge events. As for the other ones, like you said that aren’t crossovers, would it be possible to name the big ones? Like dark Phoenix. Again, thanks for the above list, helped a bunch

Sure but this is going to largely fall into the ‘opinion’ category as to what I think is important lol! I’ll try to point out the ones that get mentioned / referenced a lot at the very least. These are the more self-contained events as opposed to the company-wide ones.

Kree-Skrull War
Death of Gwen Stacy
Phoenix Saga
The Dark Phoenix Saga
Days of Future Past
Mutant Massacre
Kraven’s Last Hunt
Armor Wars
Maximum Carnage
Fatal Attractions
Clone Saga
Planet Hulk
Messiah Complex
Messiah War
Second Coming

Oh and I accidentally glanced over Infinity Crusade in the previous post so I edited it in there.

Thanks a lot. This is gonna make my summer more entertaining.

[COLOR=#0645ad]Contest of Champions (June 1982) · Secret Wars (May 1984) · Secret Wars II (July 1985) · The Evolutionary War (1988) · Inferno (October 1988) · Atlantis Attacks (1989) · Acts of Vengeance (December 1989)

The Infinity Gauntlet (July 1991) · Operation: Galactic Storm (March 1992) · Infinity War (June 1992) · Infinity Crusade (June 1993) · Age of Apocalypse (1995) · Onslaught (May 1996) · Heroes Reborn(1996)

Maximum Security (December 2000) · Infinity Abyss (August 2002) · Secret War (February 2004) · Avengers Disassembled (August 2004) · House of M (August 2005) · Annihilation (March 2006) · Civil War(July 2006) · World War Hulk (July 2007) · Annihilation: Conquest (August 2007) · Secret Invasion (June 2008) · Dark Reign (December 2008) · War of Kings (March 2009)

Siege (January 2010) · Realm of Kings (January 2010) · The Heroic Age (May 2010) · The Thanos Imperative (July 2010) · Shadowland (September 2010) · Chaos War (October 2010) · Fear Itself (March 2011) · Spider-Island (June 2011)