Marvel Heroes 2015 - The Cosmic Trials


Don’t know why we don’t have a thread for this.
Instead of finding each others posts in the lounge, let us discuss here.


Russki, can you run Cosmic Midtown without dying every 3 seconds?

Rock, please hit 60.

I’ll try to get on today after I get home.

My username on there is mattplex.


Those are good games… But when those will end, MH will remain.


No @ for me? Fuck all Y’all.


@Joshkaz, suck my dick.

What’s your username? And aside from Rock, what’s everyones main?

I am rocking Thing lately, I think Sovi3t is using Victor.


IGN: Joshkaz

I use Rogue.


How is she? And you best be using the Savage Land costume.


I like her. Her build Potential is limitless since she gets new shit every time a new hero or boss is available. Only real problem is getting the skills. You actually have to find people using said hero or hunt down said villain to get their power and it can be a pain in the dick.

Of course I am rocking the booty shorts costume.


WTF! How does she work? lol

Also… Mah nigga.


First tree is melee shit, second tree she needs to take from friends, third take from villains.

She is a Build her your way Hero. If you want to be a summoner then you go hunt down which Heroes/Villains gives you the skills to accomplish that, if you want to be full range then you find the heroes/villains that can let you do that, Same for Melee and just w/e type of build you want to do with her. Her potential is limitless since, like I said, She gets new skills every new boss and Hero that comes out so her builds will just keep coming as the game updates. Her only problem is that you have to hunt the heroes/villains down every time you want to try a build, and its a pain in the dick. Finding the less popular heroes is almost impossible, same goes for team up characters. Hopefully in an upcoming patch they’ll let you just cycle through the powers you already got before so it’ll be easier to switch builds with her.


So rather than play, you guys have been discussing the game.

Meanwhile, I’m about to get Squirrel Girl to 60. Almost got enough to buy Captain America or Cyclops.

I think my Doom should be able to handle cosmic midtown.

Rogue sounds fun as fuck.


*I played Rogue for a few hours the other day and she seems fun as fuck, but complicated to level and hunt down powers. She also seemed to eat spirit fast for some of the stolen abilities. I’ve been waffling between her and Silver Surfer for my free anni hero. *


Yeah, I think I need to get at least one or two storage. Gotta buy at least one or two more characters too.

Friday if you log in you get an Iron Man team up.

Squirrel Girl is level 60, w00t


hrmmm, I stand corrected…the servers are down now for the Big Ten event update. Iron Man Mk II teamup comes out when the servers go back up. I need to get another 100 Eternity Splinters to snag me a Captain America to go with that Iron Man team up. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, YO!!!

Was fucking around last night with Doom again, so long as I have backup and teleport around A LOT, yeah, I don’t die, and can complete missions. I’m pretty much a glass cannon at this point though, doesn’t take much to put this old dog down.

Squirrel Girl? LOL fuck no, not happening…not without adding more Synergy, Omega Points, and way better gear, lol.

I think I need 100 more @odin mark’s to get my first legendary (gotta grab that Neptunes Trident for Doom or Squirrel Girl). I got lucky last night, and rolled an incredibly good Spear of the White Gorilla Tribe with SG, but gave it to Doom to make him even more of a beast.


Nice man!

I saw you on Doom and SG for a while yesterday.
Sent you a message, got dissed. I know how it is.

Changed up my legendary for Thing yesterday… Ultimate Nullifier was a one trick pony, albeit a fun one haha
Just running with Axe of Ares now, probably better in the long run.

If you are on today, wanna do green Muspelheim?


lol i was half in the bag later last night…if you saw me as doom, then i was likely swapping stuff, and didn’t notice any messages. I saw @Joshkaz log off, never even saw him log on.

Just spam me, until I notice you.

anywho, it’s down for the update now, but yeah I would be down for Muspelheim runs. I haven’t really done much with any of my 60’s once I get them to 60. Doom has some decent gear, but I have a ton of quests to finish still (with bonus points, and stat rewards), i have like maybe 10 of each relic, half assed artifacts, and shit like that. So don’t expect much, lol.


Have you ever done it? It’s a 10 man raid.
Pretty easy though. And it’s the best way to gear up on Commendations and Challenge Bonus uniques.


naa, like I said, I got Doom to 60, did a bunch of cosmic quests, got gear from him by cashing in a ton of those anniversary cakes, then fucked off and started levelling other people lol. I haven’t done any end game stuff, really. Haven’t gone to Genosha, or whatever. I actually haven’t done anything that wasn’t solo, not including when dudes are running around in free zones.

As long as I got me some melee in front of me, I’m good. Doom is pretty OP at the moment, so it’s nice to just spam doombots and missiles, while teleporting around. I find it odd that Doom seems to be the only person with a completely free movement ability. No magic or spirit or anything seems to get used, he can just teleport wherever he wants, whenever he wants, for free.


Ya you should be fine. Like I said, it’s pretty easy. Just avoid the red circles on the ground or when Surtur lifts his sword with 2 hands, and you should be good lol

And free teleporting is hilarious. Thing has a free Fantasticar travel, but its not as great as a teleport!


Yeah, its so odd when I dash a few times with Squirrel Girl, or teleport a few times with Doctor Strange, and I’m suddenly out of power, and monsters are everywhere. Meanwhile Doom is just port port port port oh look a boss SUMMON ALL OF FUCKING LATVERIAN ARMY ok they’re dead port port port port port…


Alright, well I’ll message you and Josh if he wants. Then I’ll just find 7 randoms.