Marvel in Oregon?!


I’m in McMinnville, OR till the 20th for some family stuff, and am looking for UMVC3 casuals.

Hit me up in here or PM please


Only competitive marvel players here are Yugo, bbh, and chocomuffins with ross and rek to a lesser degree. And of course myself.
saw you on stream at the curleh mustache and it looked like you leveled up since the last time I played you so I don’t think anybody would be much comp for you here other than me. Unless you have trouble against spiderman or haggar. I’m in salem the rest are in portland area.


Cool, want to get a good set in? im down to play and am willing to drive.
I will PM you my details!


Welcome back again man.


A lot more of us could have seen this if you had posted in one of the already made topics about finding games in Oregon.


Don’t act like you would’ve seen this. We both know black folks can’t read.

If it makes you feel better you would’ve gotten bodied.


Hay Angelic…We played at Brians house…I ran Hawk/Sent/Dorm…lol…too bad freakin’ KOF got in the way of us getting some good rounds in…I’m still playing Marvel…as much as I can with out a system…But the last 2 days I’ve had it for 360 and played 7hrs yesterday and ALL day today…like 12 hours in training…YI have a question…I saw you get 2 black hole swith Dorm in his air combo…HOW?..I only can do 1…I’ve tried and tried…I saw it’s done…but I can’t get it…Ican get his TAC infinite,. but not that…what am I doing wrong?


In order to get two black holes off an air combo you need to either be doing it off a TAC or you need to be XFactor lv2 or higher.

If you have training mode practice dashing around and flying and quick dashing from one side of the screen to another. Also learn more advanced BnBs like dark arrow combos.

Good luck.