Marvel Infinite Playtest notes for CEO (FINALIZED)


I know @Plaid_Unicorn is also going.

Basically making this thread to jot down notes from playtesting so people can get a better idea of what the game is like competitively so far. I’m not entering any tournaments (missed the cut off date for registration) so I’m just going to be playing Marvel for 3 days other than some random casuals inbetween and doing Florida stuff.

I’ll most likely be maining Ultron/Strider if Jedah or Dante aren’t in the build. I’ll be messing around with other characters of course.

**Whatever questions you have go ahead and shoot them now

General Gameplay Notes: Chip damage seems to be usually negated by advancing guard. Without advance guard there still seems to be chip.

Fireball reflect seems interesting and pretty tight timing. The character flashes yellow and the advancing guard text changes color when you do it successfully. I think characters like Morrigan can use it to their advantage where if you get your fireball reflected, you reflect it back at them then throw another fireball.

Arthur: Still seems to have some decent zoning, but never really played him so don’t know his whole moves list. Has a new charge back forward move that shoots an upward arrow that covers his anti air and then boomerangs behind him and shoots forward towards the opponent.

Didn’t get a chance to test advance guard reflecting of his projectiles as they gave us pretty limited time on the last day to check things out. I assume it would work though.

Captain America: Didn’t really get to play test much.

Captain Marvel: Seemed pretty similar to her Story demo build. Watched J.Wong and F.Champ played her and looks like she’s still the Ryu of the Marvel side along with maybe Nova. Has rather easy OTG relaunch combos and can control enough basic neutral to do what you need to do in Marvel. Didn’t really see anything out of the ordinary, but I’m sure more tech will come up with her later.

Doctor Strange: Think he’ll definitely be a sleeper hit the way they new game works. As a character he’s essentially a walking toolbox of assists for your other character. Could see him being a character that’s switched into after some rushdown or a knockdown. Zone for a while, set up daggers or graces and then tag back into your other character for mix ups.

His new agomotto is really cool. He has the original agomotto that homes in at you and does multiple hits/chips. Now he has another agomotto which is essentially a proximity bomb. Once it’s active the opponent can’t get too close to it or it will explode. You can also swat this at the opponent so they can be forced to runaway from the bomb. I don’t remember if this version homes or not. Think it just goes straight forward if you swat it. Which makes sense because homing property on proximity bomb would likely be too much.

Hawkeye: his little blue ball thing doesn’t seem to OTG (reported from one of my friends). Seems a little more difficult to rush down with him. May be more zone based than before.

Hulk: Has new upwards gamma charge follow up that shoots pretty high in the air. Can’t do gamma charges in the air.

His f+hp has new property where if you charge it to full the animation turns into his old s.H armor animation. Not sure if it hits overhead, but once in this state it seems to have super/hyper armor to it. He will flash red absorbing multiple hits from Zero and then still perform the attack.

Iron Man: Plink air dashing seemed really tough to do with him. Pretty much had to wait for his whole dash to finish before pereforming another dash.

Has new f+HP command normal where he shoots small downward beam. New smart bombs are pretty cool and can set 2 on the screen to detonate. Using TK smart bombs may be good to protect yourself on the ground (d,db,b,ub+P)

Nova: Didn’t get to mess with him much. There’s a lot of video out there of him though. Just immediate thing to nice is his ADDF and ADDB seem much faster. He’ll definitely have closer to Magneto/Captain Marvel level movement in this game. Most specials can be done in air now and I believe his Centurion dive kick thing hits overhead now.

Rocket Raccoon: Seemed pretty similar except for the new Groot moves. Didn’t really mess with him much.

Thor: Didn’t seem too different from story demo. Didn’t really play him much either.

Thanos: Watched other people play him. Definitely a bit different from the MVC2 one. Doesn’t really have bubble super stuff anymore. His teleport is good movement wise for his type of character, but seems difficult to cross people up with.

Ultron: Another seemingly all around solid character. Can call his own assists (with some start up lag). Air dash heavy seems really good. Easy to relaunch after his hit grab special with ADDF HP juggle.

One of his supers is a command grab that crumples the opponent. Does light damage and can set up for follow ups.

Chris: Similar to story demo build.

Chun Li: Similar to story demo build. I noticed her f,f air dash into HP was pretty good for pressure and moved her a bit faster than 2P air dash into HP.

Dante: Similar to story demo. Noticed that stinger is no longer BCable. Seems only regular normals are.

MegaMan X4: Seems pretty similar to story demo build. His buster charges extremely fast and combined with his rekka specials can lock down people pretty well. I think the combination of these strengths is why they don’t let him move during the charge. They would definitely have to slow down his charge speed to let him move around with his charge.

Morrigan: Doesn’t seem to be able to flight cancel fireballs as before. Have to commit to fireballs for the most part unless I’m missing something. Astral vision still looks good. Want to experiment with her new shell kick. From videos I see that it doesn’t hit overhead anymore, but is extremely fast now and can travel across the screen very quickly.

Ryu: Didn’t really play him much. He’s in the story build any way.

Spencer: Didn’t play him. Only watched other people use him and they weren’t really using any of his new stuff like the pipebomb and such.

Strider Hiryu: There seemed to be a heavy delay between when you finished the time for first Ouro and activate the next one. Felt like you had to wait a good few seconds before you could activate orbs again. No MVC2 looping lock down.

Command normals call robots/formations as said before.

Zero: Seems slightly less cheap initially. Has new Hyper Max Charge buster moves. Essentially if you have full buster charge then do certain specials, you can cancel that special with full charge into another new special.

For example one of his new moves is his X5 C Sword. You do this by doing Raikousen with full buster charge, then do another quarter circle command with full buster charge. C Sword is essentially a slow start up, huuuuge hit box pizza cutter that causes hard knockdown on hit into free follow up.

Follow up to Sentsuizan is a dashing ice attack. Similar to something he had in X3. Follow up to Ryuenjin is his Hyouretsuzan ice sword dive which he had in X4. Hit boxes still seemed pretty good. If nothing changes with him (all his buster/lightning cancel shit seems intact) he should be good to go for being very high tier. Only thing I noticed being off is that you can’t tiger knee lightning traditionally (2369). Seems you have to jump first then slide a qcf. Kept me from doing it as low as you could in Marvel 3.


Secret note. One of my friends found this. Figured I would keep it on the downlow, but it’s not like it’ll break the game so might as well share it. Apparently he found a way during a tag switch to make the character getting switched out still perform a super on the way out. He was able to get Hawkeye to shoot a gimlet super before he left the screen. Seemed to only work with that super so maybe it’s like an airborne super trick or something.

MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th
MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th

This thread is for gameplay related things. Any other silliness, please take it to the MvCI general.

Thank you.


Again, more looking into Space stone properties with Strider/Ultron please?


I’m pretty sure it works the same way no matter who you select since it doesn’t take on character-specific properties.

Hope that helps answer your inquiry.


First of all, thanks for doing a thread like this Jin.


How different does she feel from her UMvC3 counterpart?
I already noticed her Soulfist being a lot slower in terms of travelling across the screen.
How useful is her new air special move?

Strider Hiryu:

Does he have a level 3 hyper, since Ourobouros is once again a level 1?
Or is it the air hyper?

Since you’re planning to play Ultron, I will be curious on your thoughts about him, how he plays and feels like in terms of gameplan.


If Spider-Mans in the CEO Build, does he have a level 3 super ?


Yeah, it’s him getting the fuck outta there and into Insomniacs game.


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Is there an option to change DD specials back to a DP motion?


Combofiend said in a later build (hopefully the one they have at CEO) there’s an option to turn off “easy commands”. Which means no 2 button hyper combos and a couple other things.

I don’t know if it extends to DP motion stuff though. Like in the story demo you have to do dd punch to do Captain America’s DP, but Ryu’s DP still requires a traditional motion. Not sure how that’s gonna play out.


ask if theres an option to change the DD specials to traditional DP motions to Capcom Representatives


Request - Can Strider’s Orbs be activated again as soon as it’s run out or does it work like MvC2 where you have to wait for the drones to leave the screen before you can activate? If you tag at the end of Orbs, do they have enough block stun to get in more lockdown or is the block/hit stun insignificant? Lastly I’m 99% sure this won’t work but does Ouroboros stay on when you tag out?


If you get a chance to see some of these characters I’m curious about a few things:

Thor - Are his normals still unique or does he now have the standard “magic series”?
Thor - Does he still seem to have the most health (or at least noticeably high)?
Thor - Any super armor?

Iron Man - Same question as thor re: magic series.
Iron Man - Does zoning actually seem viable?

Captain Marvel - Does she combo into/out of her air grab thing or is it for resets?

Spider-Man - Redesigned or still super weird?


I haven’t followed the game so I’m not sure if this stuff is already known, but here goes:

  • Test tag outs and teleports inside the space gem box thing.

  • How are throws performed; are they as fast as mvc3; can you combo off them

  • are snapbacks in

  • I like the power gem skill so far. How good is it? It looks like a GTFO slap on videos I’ve seen. Does it actually have a decent startup/hitbox? Is it punishable on block? Mostly a feel question if someone happens to toy with it.


In the story demo I noticed an oddity with Chun-Li and maybe the system in general if you wouldn’t mind testing. There’s a difference between ff dash and pp dash, pp dash has lag on it so you can’t execute a normal until a fixed amount of frames afterwards, where as ff dash has no lag and you can immediately input a normal and that normal travels actively across the screen with the momentum of the dash. ff.hp with Chun is insane, it’s esssentially like Dante’s stinger.


I’ll mess with that. It probably makes her infinite easier to do also


Does Hulk standing heavy punch still have super armor?

Can Hulk do Gamma charge in the air like the old games?

Can Hulk wavedash this time?


@Syke1 @“Diek Stiekem” @Maxman @Rorshock @Zachara @Hawkingbird @flicky @otitis @awkwardscrub and whoever I missed. Thanks for your crack inquiries and I’ll jot stuff down as quickly as I can once I’m in FL


Damnit you left out Arthur:

  1. Does Arthur still have his wall projectile game and if he does, can he realistically use it to tag in his homie for an advantaged scenario.
  2. What he plays like now/what’s his general style/does he have new moves that we don’t yet know about.

3.basically anything you can say about ironman as well.

I don’t expect you to play Arthur, but if you see any decent ones, anything you notice would be nice.


Are ground wavedashing and plink dashing effective at all? In the story demo, both are kinda meh, especially compared to how godlike air plink dashing was. However, those at E3 have said that this was changed and ground wave and plink dashing are better.

From the story demo:

Both Thor and Iron Man have the standard lp,lk,hp,hk magic series.

Captain Marvel’s air grab move is actually a hit-grab, so you can combo into it.

Again from the story demo, you cannot tag out or teleport out of the shame cube.


Ask them about their reasoning around the changes to chip damage.