Marvel Kids

This is a alternate universe stroy line if the super heroes in Marvel were 3rd graders and were going to the same school. I this story posted on the Marvel forums so I thought I’d post it here also.

Part 1

It was Captain Americas first day at school, as he walked though the door he saw all the other kids and wondered if he could fit in. He saw some kids saw him and then walked up to him. Hi my name is spider man and these are my friends Hulk, Wolverine, and Vision. Spider man seemed like a nice guy so Captain America intruded himself and they soon became friends. Spider man showed Caption America around, those are the villains you don’t want to mess with them there nothing but trouble, and those guys over there are intergaltic begins, no one even wants to get on there bad side.

Spider Man then asked Captain America if he could see is schedule. Showing it to him Spider Man showed him to all his classes. Then the bell rang, well good luck on your first day Cap, your fist teach isn’t the bad, her name is Ms Web. Spider Man then left to go to his class. Ms Web told the class they had a new student, Captain America introduced himself and then went to his chair. Ms Web started the class and started teaching, the kid behind kept kicking Caps chair. As he turned around it was a student called Red Skull.

Can you please stop kicking my chair? Cap asked him. Why this is fun. Red Skull kept kicking his chair. Finally Captain America turned around and kicked Red Skulls chair and knocked him down. Ms Web lifted both of them up in the air with her physic powers and told them to go to the principles office. They both walked up to the office and knocked on the door, the door opened. A bald man came up to them and told Red Skull to wait and sit over there. He then told Captain America to follow him. He did and went into the next room and closed the door. Captain America saw his name on the desk his name was the Watcher. Listen Captain America you most not pick fights unless someone is in danger. He said

Cap tried to explain but it was pointless. Now listen Cap you can go back to class now, but try to stay out of trouble. He sent Cap back to class. Red Skull come here please. The Watcher said as Cap was walking back to class. Opening the door he sat down. A few minuets later the bell rang and he went to his next class. In his next class Spider Man was there also and there teacher was Professor Xavier. Spider Man asked how is class was, Cap told him what happened. Don’t worry about Red Skull hes one of the villains in school all they do is cause problems, some times they even try to start fights with Intergalactic beings and demi gods. The bell rang and they took there seats.

End of part 1

Part 2

Hello students my name is Charles Xavier, but you call me Professor Charles. After the class was over they went to there next class, hey Vision how’s it going? Spider Man caught Vision off guard. Ok you got P.E. next? have fun with Nick. Vision flew off. Spider Man what did he mean by that? Cap was confused. Well the P.E. teacher is some guy called Nick Fury, and he can be hard some times, just keep up with the class and he wont yell at you. Spider Man then left Cap to go to his next class. Cap finally got to the P.E. room and went in, there was standing Nick Fury looking at them. I need all of your names, before entered the training room. Captain America gave his name after everyone else gave there name.

Alight listen up even though you guys are in 3rd grade this training course will test you, and teach you to fight better, and to make sure no one will get hurt my friends up in the monitor room will make sure you guys are safe, they are called shield. Nick then opened the door to the training room. Alight kids now go in. He waited till everyone was in and then closed the door. The kids waited awhile, then robots came out and started shooting lazers at them. Captain America looked around and was looking for the fastest way to destroy them. He saw how the other kids were fighting and then yelled at one of them, Hey you with the lazer eye, shoot those pile of rocks. Getting his attention. Ya sure, and by the way my name is Cyclops. Cyclops blast the pile of rocks. Hulk what to throw these rocks at those robots so you can distract them? Cap asked Hulk. Hulk like throwing things to make things go boom! Hulk ran over and started throwing rocks and the robots.

The robots started going after Hulk, all right everyone lets take out those robots! Captain America and the others snuck up behind the robots and destroyed them. Nick Fury opened the door to let them out good job Cap you seem to be a leader one day you might even make your own team one day. Nick Fury was grading them on a paper. Soon the bell rang, all right go to lunch. Nick walked off. Cap went to the lunch room with Hulk, your smart me think you can be good super hero one day. Hulk patted Cap on the back and almost knocked him over. Ya thanks Hulk you too, your very strong. Cap and Hulk walked up to the lunch room and Hulk stopped, since you new kid make sure to stay away from the school bully his name is Galactus, and he steals peoples lunchs. Hulk warned him.

As they went in and got there food they sat with Spider Man and Vision. Well how was P.E.? Vision asked. It was fun today Captain America help us win, most times we lose. Hulk said while eating. Well that’s good, but every time we win Nick makes it harder. Spider Man was looking around. What’s wrong? Cap asked. Just then a pumpkin flew at Spider Mans head, but he caught it. It then let gas come out of it. Spider Man started coughing, Cough, haha very funny Green Goblin. He threw back at Green Goblin. Green Goblin and some other villains were laughing. Hes still mad I beat him in a fight, but oh well, hey anyway cap look over there, there’s the nerds. Spider Man pointed to some kids sitting at a table. If you ever need help just ask them. Spider Man then looked worried.

It was Galactus, and he was looking at there table.

End of Part 2