Marvel Ladies Suggestion

With the reveal of Dormammu, I noticed there isn’t a single Marvel female yet.

What are your active favorites for the roster? Here are some:

  1. Black Cat
  2. Wasp
  3. Phoenix
  4. She - Hulk
  5. Black Widow
  6. Selene
  7. Medusa
  8. Songbird
  9. Ms. Marvel
  10. Mystique
  11. Mockingbird
  12. Shanna The She Devil
  13. Colleen Wing
  14. Psylocke
  15. Spiderwoman
  16. Namorita
  17. Husk
  18. Blink
  19. Misty Knight
  20. Elektra
  21. Meggan
  22. Wolfsbane
  23. Scarlet Witch
  24. Moonstone
  25. Rogue
  26. M
  27. Domino
  28. Storm
  29. Polaris
  30. Tigra
  31. Shadowcat
  32. Sage

Some choices here. Could you name 5 picks?

dude. don’t make threads yet. post in the sticky.
and you forgot Squirrel girl.

Are people getting stupider?

The wishlist and suggestions thread is extremely convoluted.

The topic is unique enough so honestly I don’t see the problem.

More streamlined.

It doesnt matter! Yours is a SUGGESTION it goes in that thread! NO EXCEPTIONS!

You dont see a problem well… I **GUARANTEE ** a mod will!

PS ur kinda slow to JUST notice there are no females on the Marvel side.
Obviously patience is not your virtue.
You think Capcom AND Marvel dont know the lineup so far…awaiting everyone’s “FINALLY A FEMALE on Marvel’s side, It’s about time!”

BTW there are no children or minorities.


I would like to see Moonstone, Psylocke, Shanna, Songbird, Medusa and Misty Knight.

Misty would be a nice surprise.