Marvel Matches that SHOULD TAKE PLACEEEE!

Well the title speaks for itself

Some of us people in the EC would like to see Duc vs Rowtron. Who would bet on who. I dont even know who to bet on. I would probably bet on DUC.

Finesse is currently our top FFA player. It’d be dope to see him vs some EC guys.

U vs sanford mm.

rowtron over duc any day.soo vs smooth part 2.

im down to see a soo/smooth mm part 2 again as well. 50 on that nucka soo if it goes down.

dues vs. sanford

chunks vs. anybody ec

and somebody’s gotta find a way to play darkprince for alotta moola

matt damon vs ben affleck ft7 for 100.

jmar vs Soo. Dp vs X.smooth vs nismor/chris schmidt

Soo vs Smooth Viper part 2 to show that it wasn’t luck the first time.

Deus vs Chunksta

And DP vs Mike Infinte

My money’s on Veteru.

Concur for Soo vs Eric Ver.2 and Duc vs Rowtron (I favor Duc for this matchup)

would like to see Dark Prince vs ShadyK Ver.2, Reset vs Mixup, and Finesse vs Anyone EC.

young drowtron. cable show em how the reversible clip do a drumroll.

I’d like to see a 1 match, single team only, round robin between soo, jmar, row, demon hyo & david lee, extra money from me (maybe 100) for the winner if I go and it actually happens. Chris Schmit or Xecutioner as substitutes if somebody don’t make it.

mixup & jon sindel vs dark prince & reset or finesse
Deus (I think he retired though) vs Chunksta
Potter vs Org part 2 “Yo run that shit back” or Erik “smoothviper”

Sanford vs justin for sure needs to go down…what u say justin??finesse substitute if justin declines…

marvel vs. capcom

Marvel will take this free.

Mike Ross vs Taiji…x seaking.

I wanna see that match that was talked about awhile back, JWong versus DarkPrince, but JWong using whatever crazy low tier team he was talking about using.

team 3 vs ec


YEP! Last year it wasn’t all crazy with HUGE MM threads all over the place. This year marvel seems to be like some huge circus with random acts, so people can get their name out there. Or just find a way to make a quick buck. No hype anymore -_-