Marvel Mayhem at UP May 6, 2006 Results

1st. Demon Hyo- Santhrax, Mag/IM/Sent

2nd.SmoothViper- Scrub/Msp/Santhrax

3rd. Damian Eklund- Blackheart/Cable/Doom, Storm/Cable/Doom

4th.Josh Wong- Storm/Sent/Cyc, Msp

5th.Trap12- Scrub, Storm/Cable/Capcom

Well, none of us play or practice Marvel hardcore anymore, and trust me it shows. LOL! Sanford doesn’t either and it’s all because of JOBS. Oh well, we’ll still scrub it up at ECC11 LMAO! Hmm, I think I’ll go see MI 3 today, lataz.

Yo tourney was slammin…I can’t believe i was there for 2 hours before I recognized Damian…He looked like a really happy surfer boy with his new shave and hair cut…Anyways…I had fun and it was nice seeing everybody again…til next time…

P.S. Roger is sick in the head lol.

Damian turned jewish thats all

thats funny josh why is there a 4 next to ur name dreidel dreidel dreidel??

Tourny was amazing hope you guys can get another one goin soon that shit was fun

my wrist was sprained and you put me in. the guilt on my conscience would be indescribable if i let you be eliminated by the cripple you sponsored. wheres your 13 money dreidel?


i think i’ll come to the next one, i dunno if i’ll make it to ecc