Marvel Mayhem at UP! May, 6, 2006

Well, philly finally got brand new sticks and buttons in the mvc2 cabinets, so I figured it’s time to try out a tournament in the arcade. We’ve recently been doing them on consle, but we need that live arcade feeling, so we can all get ready for the ECC11 atmosphere.

University Pinball
4006-08 Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 842-8742 **

Game:Marvel vs Capcom 2

2 out of 3 in regular matches
3 out of 5 in losers and winner finals
4 out of 7 grand finals.

Entry fee: $5

1st place 65%
2nd place 25%
3rd place 10%
Start time: 6pm

Date: 5/6/06 which is a SATURDAY**

If you want to sign up before hand just post or PM me and I’ll write your name down. Or if u want to check the arcade out, then let me know.

Maybe I’ll ask off that day and come waste some $$$…LoL.


whos rigging the brackets?

You’re random, lol! Let’s just have fun before ECC, shall we.


I heard that place was amazing ill have to check it out.

So you coming to the tournament?

Sanford, I’ll sign u up np. Nelson said he’s coming too but I think he wants to travel up there with you from NY. Yipes, smoothviper, and matrix said they would show as well. I just hope everything works out because if it does then it will be fun.

Josh wong, warrior, damian, along with julian, dave and alex said they would come as well. Make sure you tell Bryheem about it too.

i gotta get directions but yeah i would love to make it up their if i can hopefully i get paid before then cuz i just started a new job n i strapped for cash. Hopefully i do better than what i did at the cyber zone tournament. i played like shit that day. ill talk to josh bout directions since u said he coming.

Ok, that’s cool.

I’ll be coming to this tourney, I’ll see you there!


Ed the head said he should be coming as well.

hopefully ill make it out there…nel holla at me for details so we can head out there.

Well, you can either take the dragon coach bus from chinatown NY to chinatown philly, then get on the train to the arcade. Actually, Sanford knows how to get here perfectly from Nyc. Or you could use mapquest and drive here. Umm, but if you need help for the bus/train area, then you can give me a call or even talk to Nelson cause he’s coming and he took the bus and train here with author I believe.

So far for sure to go is me, Josh 360 and Yipes. I spoke to Rashaan when he came over last night and he said hes gonna try to take off to go so hes a maybe.

Ah, that’s wassup, homie. Glad you putting the word out. I hope all of you can make it because this will be fun. I’ll be recording matches as well.

macguyver in the hizzy…

Awsome, we need your mysterious puzzle solving techs.

So far so good. Anymore peeps coming?