Marvel nemesis 2 got rushed down. ROMed and then snapped out


Ono will bug Kenji until he submits to the power of dat mango sent!

… this is the best thing to ever happen to Marvel in the video game world in a long time. :rofl:


Even if Capcom doesn’t get any more deals, the fact that EA and Marvel are seemingly done with each other is already good news. No More “Imperfects” sequels!

Sprite Based Marvel vs. Capcom 3 believe it!

On a more serious note I have 2 questions:

#1 Doesn’t Activision-Blizzard own the license? Why would they be aloud to make this game in the first place if that is true?

#2 Does this mean Capcom can publish Marvel vs. Capcom 2 again? I’d love to see a perfect arcade port (or near it) on the Wii and XBL/PSN (if it can fit).

come on capcom, bid for that liscence and make some dreams come true.

Probably the first piece of good news of 2008.

There are lots of marvel licenses. The one capcom had was given to EA after MVC2.

first EA Chicago shuts down, then the marvel VP says he’d like to work with capcom again, the ono says he’ll like to make another mvc, then…this!

Capcom 2D fighters will rise again!

And yes, if marvel gives capcom the license back, that means they can publish all the vs. games again.

SNK should start working with DC, or Tasofro.

One of my cracked out dreams was a Tasofro Green Lantern shooting game.

Great news.

I’m going to be honest I’ve never played Marvel vs. Capcom 2 before or even a game in the Versus series.

Marvel Collection plz, with Cyberbots bonus game.




Chibi-style Squashed Green Lantern fuck yeah




I touch myself. A LOT.


Great news a Versus series compilation would be sweet!

I don’t know how to react to this.

I will still play MvC2.

Just one word:


What’s so “confusing” about it?

The Dreamcast ran a pretty good port of it from what I’ve heard. Yes I know the Dreamcast was practically a Naomi but the Wii ,while being a different architecture, is much more powerful and could probably run a good arcade port of it.

The thought of MvC3 isn’t so impractical now that we all know that SFIV is being released. On the other hand, I really would like Capcom to make a new fighting game.

They make sticks good enough to play MVC2 on the wii?

If Arc has the finances to do it surely Capcom can. Either way I’d be happy.

There’s the Wii Fighting Hori Stick as well as other sticks. I haven’t played marvel so I don’t know how “intense” it is. I’ve heard it’s rough though.

It’s a personal thing. In my mind Wii and Marvel don’t mix , but that’s just me.
imagines doing ROM in the air like an idiot.