Yeah i know it has 1 of the worst story modes in the history of videogames BUT on xbl it’s alot of fun n very in-depth in terms of character tiers n strategy especially since the fighters for the most part are very different.

It’s a really easy game to pick up as well i jus got it bout 3 months ago n i’m ranked #2 on xbl i made this thread for anyone who plays this game to discuss tiers/strats/whatever.

Heres my tier list (in order):


johnny ohm

human torch

I usually use brigade cuz u need to have good timing n b good at playing mind games to make brigade a beast sometimes i also use solara simply cuz her stun-double fireball combo does a ton of damage and wolverine users don’t regenerate the damage from it johnny is statistically average but easy to use and in rage mode he’s a beast so i like him alot as well.

Each chracter has at least 1 cheap abusable glitch so every chracter is way overpowered in some way n keep that in mind when u see my tier list.

It’a pretty fun if you like pressing A a lot.

…LOL umm so jumping alot helps how?

Marvel Nemesis would have been better if it was made by Namco…

random statement

lol then the guy who I played with must’ve modified the configuration or something.

Is this game if your a casual? Or is it that bad?

OMG I hate this game. My brother has it… and it IS a total button masher. I, a seaoned fight game aficionado, and he, a complete scrub outside of GTA, played for several hours and he beat me every match by just smashing on the gamepad. Brought back horrible memories of Tekken Tag Tournament. Talk about a video game vampire, this shit is garlic man!

LOL well among the top ranked players button mashing=gg cuz when u play someone who knows how to dodge then thats when the parrying YES parrying comes into play and u then u exploit glitches in level design…or just b cheap by picking the almost unbeatable ironman or magneto.

I like the fact that EA half-assed character development cuz every character has at least a few insanely powerful glitches.

This game isn’t exactly 3s but when u look at the characters moves/glitches then youl see it’s much more then a casual game it’s more along the lines of smash bros in terms of complexity and on xbl it’s just plain fun to play.

Jeez, what is up with Magneto always being so uber.

I think it’s kinda like how the Mishimas are usually strong characters in Tekken games, biased development I suppose :rofl:

He’s not unbeatable cuz although mag will RAPE all non-ironman n non paragon users the first round by round 2 if they get rage jus wait till theyr about to throw something at u n then shoot the object to deflect iot back at the and by round 2 if they dont have rage all theyr energy will b gone making it very easy for any1 with a projectile to attack.

Against magneto i have to use brigade always my best character and even though i’m the 2nd best player on all xbl the average noob could still own me if he uses magneto.


i won!


HAHAHAHA!!! This game

Yo the dude is trying to actually talk about the game so if you dont got nothing good to say dont say shit. Anyways i played it for a while on ps2 and its not that bad. Magneto owns but paragon and IM are fkn broken.

:confused: :wtf: :confused: :wtf:

rise vader: IM, para, mag, n niles are all near broken and while it can be debated whos more powerful the bottom line is they can still be beaten it just won’t be easy but these tips will make it hella easier.

statistically he’s nearly perfect and hands down the best in the game his entire strat revolves around hitting u with homing air shots and u cannot run away from them they must be dodged and if u dodge early it will still hit u 100% of the time so dodge at the very last second…it takes alot of timing but when done consistantly its the most useful strat against him also remember his hand to hand fighting is strong but VERY VERY slow so try to take advantage of that if u can.

2nd best n annoying to fight u should anticipate and dodge her lightning attack with y+joystick direction of ur choice
fight at a distance cuz it’s hella hard to dodge her lightning up close
wait for the para user to use up all her energy then unload everything u have

No matter who u use theres a very good chance that youl get owned first round especially in nyc streets BUT if u can hold out till round 2 then he’l have used up all his energy so go up close n dish out some payback but also try to watchout for his throws they can come outta nowhere and do not let him charge his energy at all even a fraction of his energy can still take out about half ur health in no time.

The worst of the godtier cuz he’s a slow retarded version of IM, the goodnews is that he’s slow as fuck so it’l b easy to take advantage of that the badnews is that he has the best defense in the game he is a fucking wall so u have to work twice as hard as the niles user to win just remember he is slow with everything even his shot has embarassing speed so keep moving n be patient n youl b fine.

Using this info will definitely increase ur chances of beating the godtier but even then it won’t b a walk in the park.

Lantis:LOL yes i meant what i said

This thread could be renamed Shaq Fu Tiers.