Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the imperfects (formally EA vs. Marvel)

holy shat @ these screens:

Apparently coming to the Gamecube and PS2, dunno about Xbox.


Will it be a flop? i reserve judgement until i play it.


It won’t be a flop but it’ll suck as a competive fighter, and even as a party fighter it’ll probably suck in comparison to Power Stone.

That’s a fighting game…? :confused:


It’s gonna suck so much, but something tells me it’s gonna sell.

It’s like this: Someone on SRK get real good at it, wait for EA to pull some Marvel Nemesis national tournament aka Madden style, win the shit, then announce when you win:

“This game is the worst fighter ever. Any Street Fighter game is better than this shit. Long live SRK.”

This game sucks. I wont even touch it

Xbox Live and Mountain Dew are having a tour on a bunch of featured games, including Marvel Nemesis, and the tour happened to stop by my campus. I’ve actually had a chance to play the game. It plays EXACTLY like Powerstone for the Dreamcast, except maybe some different moves and better graphics. So yea… :tdown:

The game doesn’t suck at all and comic book fan’s will be happy. As “Hardcore” fighters you shouldn’t be expecting much from this game anyway. Its made by EA for goodness sake, and EA never gets things right on there 1st go around anyway. But as for a game, the game looks great and will be fun.

If your looking for the “next” fighter Pass on it

If your looking for a Good marvel game and good party game, or your a Marvel head then you’ll be ok.

What are you talking about!? Have you played the demo? ITS TERRIBLE.

I’ve played more than the actual demo, and like I said, as a fighting game its just ok…Power stones is the best way to describe it, oh and btw Power stones was a FUN game. The single player is more beatem than one on one fighting and the storys of the Imperfects are actually quite good, ala They had a Twisted metal flare to them.

Any Marvel heads will love it, casual fighting game fans will love it! Mvc2, 3s player and “Hardcore fighters” look else where. But the game does not suck, not at all. Neither is it the best, its just ok.

I heard you use only 1 button, tell me thats not true. :shake:

Just wait for X-Men Legends 2 and call it a day.

Repulsor Blast!

I’ve also heard that it only uses one attack button. It still looks nice graphically so I might try it out if I get a chance.

Marvel v CApcom III… wake me when it comes out…




Looks nice. A game that has Marvel characters and plays like Powerstone? Can’t be bad.

Haha I recall reading about it a while back in an E3 recap. I don’t know if it has been confirmed for the final version or not. Even if it is one button we shouldn’t be quick to judge until we try it.

:tup: :tup: :tup:

Isit a 4 player like powerstone 2? or just a 1 on 1 fighter like powerstone 1?