Marvel Nemesis

Has anyone played this or picked it up for the xbox?Looks like a nice game…but could be crap.Post thoughts.

it sucks

Pure Garbage.

have the demo… spiderman vs. johnny ohm.
sux balls

My pal at work just gave me the ps2 version and I’m gonna stick it in my machine after this post, after reading this thread it don’t look promising, still I’ll try it.

WhiteKong your xbl tag (AmnesiaMoon)is it related to this thing I tried in Holland called Amnesia Haze? If so Cooool man if my question don’t make sense just ignore it. P

just what we would expect from EA :party: … well unless they just bought out someone elses game :rolleyes:

just tried it
Verdict = bag of shit, real bad shit

Should apeal to young kids and mently retarded adults

I have it but I don’t think I’m going to play this online much.

The fighting portion is not that great.

There are some goodies for Marvel Comics fans though. First of all unlike MVC2 it actually has a story (but MVC2 is a MUCH better game) and it is part of Marvel’s canon/official storyline, said to take place before the events of Avengers Dissasembled.

There’s cards you unlock and the Nemesis characters even have Power Ratings. Wow, even they get Power Ratings from Marvel and Shuma Gorath still doesn’t have one in any of the Marvel Encyclopedias.

The Wink’s bod is Super Sexy! But why they decided to make Storm and Elektra look like toothpicks is beyond me.

The comics you unlock are really cool. The young Reed Richards story looks like it was drawn by a fake McFarlane.

The Movies are really well done, an impressive mix of live action and cgi.

So I enjoy the game as a Marvel Comics fan, but it really does nothing to satisfy the part of me that likes fighters, I doubt I’ll be playing this game online much. The Story Mode is very short and doesn’t require you purchasing the game to complete. If you are not a hardcore Marvel Comic Book collecting fan(meaning if you have no idea what I meant by Power Ratings) this is a rental at best.