Marvel Newbie Looking for a Good Team


I just picked up UMvC3 today and I’ve been really eager to try it out since putting MvC2 away for quite some time. I’m looking for a good team to main and I was wondering where to start. I really want to use Spider-Man somewhere in there, just on the basis of him being my favorite superhero of all time. Who matches well with him and in what order? A couple of suggestions would be appreciated!


You can read about for inspiration and probably better to ask there…


You might want to have a look at this article for Justin Wong for some decent partners.

Spider-man huh? Well… I’m no Marvel expert, but I’m guessing you want to play for fun. I hear it is possible. You may want to check out Xero18 and Mame Spider for some inspiration!


well, i would suggest since you are new, don’t focus on the characters, but on the mechanics of the game first. Just hit random select and play. once you get a handle on how the game works in general then focus on the characters you want to learn. Dont take what people are saying as absolute truth. Chris G is winning piles o’ cash using a character all the smart people in the room said was trash when UMvC3 came out:p


Don’t bother with spider man, or characters like Nova who need specific teams to be good. Pick doom and task master for your second and third characters then pick someone who can handle zoning or just a really good character on point.

I’d reccomend staying away from rushdown characters.