Marvel on pad


I really wasn’t sure where to put this because its sort of a technical problem, but what should I have my button layout(xbox), mainly my triggers. I play Task dante mags and have my LT set to :l: + :h: and my RT set to :l: + :m: . It works great for dantes box dashes and magnetos movement. I sometimes have trouble when playing a team like dante vergil mags, I want my LT set to :l: + :h: and my RT set to :l: + :m: (the layout I have for my main team) but I have to account for vergil and his charge sword, which I then I have to change my triggers to :l: for LT and :l: :m: :h: for RT even though I favor the other one. I also see some people dash with :m: :h: but i dont see how i can use that effectively on pad. Sooooo what im asking is what is a layout that works for characters with charge moves but not wanting have that :l: for LT and :l: :m: :h: for RT layout


Honestly, just mess around with the buttons and see what works best for you. There is no real right or wrong way to set your buttons as long as the way you set them up works for you


My face buttons are default type A, and default assists. My LT is just L, and my RT is L+M+H. This seems to work just fine for everyone I use (including vergil). I’m wondering why you need a L+H button, as you can always just dash with L+M.


stop playing on pad.


Use whatever works best for you. If you’re comfortable with default, stick with it. Personally, if you’re going to play on a pad, I STRONGLY recommend a fightpad. The notations come out much smoother and the face buttons are larger.


Do fight pads have an anolog stick or dpad, because i use the analog stick(i never could never figure out how people could get used to all these motions on xboxs crappy dpad)


They have a D-Pad. Honestly, I’d look into getting a PS2 controller with an adapter. PS2 has a way better D-Pad and (imo) buttons. Or just a stick.


I would recommend a MadCatz fightpad. It does have a Dpad on the face, but it is actually much better than what you see on the default controller. That is just a really shitty Dpad overall.