Marvel Pinball(possible character spoilers?)


I downloaded the trial for this game tonight, and something intrigued me. Now, I don’t really have experience with Marvel 3 at all, but this pinball game has some pretty detailed 3d models for a pinball game. If someone with experience with the betas wants to check it out and see if the models are the same, there might be a healthy new list of characters to speculate about. Blade, Sentinel, Doc Oc, the villian in Iron Man 2(dont remember the name), and others.

Marvel Pinball

Could be nothing, just seems like a bit much compared to the other tables.


strange that there would be a blade table…(even though he was deconfirmed long ago)and he’s not that popular in this day and age


Marvel pinball has no relation to MvC3. This discussion belongs in the Speculation sticky thread.