Marvel PLayers: How do you keep from getting mad?

Like many competitive things in life, the Psychology behind it plays such a huge role. No matter how good you are at something, one can still perform terrible if your state of mind is off.

Now being a veteran fighting game player i’m well aware of this kinda stuff, but damn. Marvel is such a strict and unforgiving game that its tough not to get frustrated. When your opponent scores a hit you really have to be detached & comfortable in the reality that you may not get the chance to use that character again, and if he does manage to survive the onslaught, he’ll be severely mangled and not much good to the rest of the team after.

Sometimes i can play entirely calm and do relatively well, and others i just can’t help but get pissed off when my opponent catches me in something. Which reflects badly on the rest of the match as i’m psychologically compromised from that point onward, and playing sloppy as i scramble & panic to evade whatever else they are trying.

A friend once told me to have a few drinks before a gameplay session, It’ll make me more laid back, calmer, and playing more effectively without being hindered. I dunno about that.

So marvel players, what do YOU do to stay composed? Perspectives? Thought exercises?

if im already losing?

lay down close my eyes for ten seconds. breathe deep.

then pick cable

getting mad in marvel will never help you, unfortunately :\

Thanks but i suppose i should have specified this was about UMVC3. MVC2 was fine because you could actually roll away at will, your character wasn’t just snoozing each time he got knocked down.

Wesker: “Whats that? A FREE OTG off every purchase of a basic magic series combo? Don’t mind if ahh doooo…”

That’s unfortunately a mental block that is incredibly hard to get past. Over two competitive games (and now fighting games) it’s really been hard. The way I got to where I was competitively in other games was by spending a long long time thinking I was really really bad, then discovering that the whole time I had been improving. This won’t really help anyone though, considering you can’t exactly throw yourself into that kind of mindset when you understand how good you are.

All I can recommend is find the discipline to know when to stop. Try as hard as you can to let yourself stop playing instead of continue and infuriate yourself even further. That’s really the best one can do. You can’t just choose to not get mad, either. Regardless of what anyone will tell you about losing being the most beneficial thing there is to learning (and it is) you’ll never learn to like losing, and the day you do is the day you’ve lost all will for competition in this game.

This is such a good quote. Because really, when you think about it, why are you really playing? Are you playing because winning is the only thing that matters? Or are you playing because you enjoy the game, the process, and you enjoy comparing techniques and execution with your opponent?

The thing I don’t like about playing competitively is that I don’t like that feeling of helplessness, like there is nothing you can do to prevent what’s happening. For me, that’s more of a reflection of my own skills, not being able to defend well enough. But when, as you say, it’s the game’s fault, ie, inherently unavoidable and unbalanced mechanics, then i think about it this way: if it’s so easy, and any scrub can do it, then those people aren’t my real opponents. My ability to win comes from practice and hard work and enjoying the characters’ style, not jumping aboard bandwagons and exploiting unbalanced game mechanics. Losing to that is not a reflection of neither my skill nor my opponent’s.

But don’t give up hope just because that particular character is chosen. Maybe they’re bad at it, and you’ll be able to punish them. Do your best and have fun! That’s what the game’s all about.

Although, lol, I’m going to have to say, when I’m playing against impossible odds (like, say, losing 2 rounds in a row to almost perfect and the 3rd round is up), I tend to take more exaggerated risks. Unsafe moves that get punished, random non-combo’ed supers, etc. Why not? I’m here to have fun, and part of my fun is making sure you don’t get perfect the third time around. If I lost 3 straight rounds, but I managed to pull off two fairly impressive combos and stopped a couple of theirs … that’s a win for me there.

It’s never about whether I won or lost, but how i fought and what I learned.

What is making you mad?

If you get angry at losing them then you are focusing on the wrong things. Everytime you lose you must focus hard on what beat you and if you can’t figure out how to beat it for the next round leave and go to training mode. Now simulate what your opponent did exactly that was beating you to death. Example:
For a long time I had no clue what to do about dante’s teleport so I went to training mode to figure out what I needed to do to stop it. I looked at the move very carefully and noticed that the portion where he glowed red he was vulnerable. Even if you lose a match shrug it off, I play this game to have fun even if my opponent is beating me with tactics that I view as simple I applaud them because they beat and in beating me they are teaching me how to beat their strategy. So every round I lose against someone I get one step close to figuring out thier stratagy so I can beat them next time. Ask your self this if you get beat by a wesker player doing ABCs over and over again and you feel that you use superior tactics are you really using superior tactics? Humble yourself, even if you are already quite meek then humble yourself more in Marvel you need to approach it with this mindset: “I am garbage and everyone else is better than me”. This is the way fanatiq thinks and I think its the way every marvel player must and should think. Why? Because there is nothing to be accomplished in being prideful in your abilities in this game. Even if you are the best in world you can get beaten by someone who has no clue what they are doing if you can not beat their strategy. These are some of the things that I tell myself when I am angry and you know what I don’t really get that angry anymore.

I imagine myself playing Skullgirls.

You don’t man…
its Marvel
Im kinda used to getting mad already, I learned in MVC2

Kinda outlined that earlier. Also the idea that i can be doing great the whole time, but if my opponent catches me once then my position and all the hardwork to get there, could very well evaporate out from under me. Especially when it comes to characters that are KNOWN for doing just that. The virgil’s & spencer’s of the game whose easy-bake-oven combos can wreck most characters in one shot.

The worst thing is the realization that this isn’t just negative thoughts, it is often the reality of the game. A good player catches me once it could be all over, regardless of how much i had them on the ropes earlier. Thats just the way it is.

And its tough not to get pissed off about that sometimes. One must really have Composure of STEEL to remain calm.

But one never gets better under that mindset. A calm, calculated mind prevails.

Don’t take it personally

Marvel is a game of top tier characters. Maybe you should stop working so hard.

If you’re playing nemesis or wolverine and you know you’re going to fuck them up if you get a single hit and it’s not going to take you much effort to do so then you really don’t care as much when the same happens to you.

There is a risk:reward that comes with playing a low tier team in marvel.

I mean I’ll complain about stuff sometimes because it’s Marvel and you’re pretty much forced to play perfectly for most of the match or lose…but I never really get like straight up mad. Just remember it’s a game and don’t pick characters that suck basically. LOL.

Remember to look at the opponent’s team and make sure you have a gameplan together for dissecting the team down after you hit them. Like if they have a stupid anchor in the back…don’t just kill off the first 2 characters and let the power anchor fall to the floor and tear your team down. Snap them in early to force them to burn XF early or just kill them off. At least at the bare minimum make sure you trap them in a really nasty mix up as they come down.

getting mad will be your greatest downfall! i have bad temper and if someone can keep me down in a fight and im just losing i will get angry and try to do something random to escape…dont let anger overcome you! just keep going because when angry you will lose so just stay calm! i will just have fun and remember i play for fun! how to keep from getting mad just relax take a deep breathe and let air flow in your lungs other things i do is when sitting to sit my back up and clear my mind and FOCUS! with this you can win! and no matter if you truly have the desire to win you can do it

Blame lag.

What makes you think I dont stay calm during the match.

I mean I get upset once the match is over and I lost against something stupid that wasn’t even intended by the other player (I know you’ve seen Wesker that do this). That Marvel for ya, thats the way it is.
Its good to get mad every once in a while and just let the bad vibe out.
If you keep pretending you’re cool with all the BS that happens from time to time in this game, that’s unhealthy IMO :rofl:
Its good to rage every once in a while.

the game is still lots of fun
but fuck Zero seriously


Fapping hard.

Fapping very hard.

I dunno, you didn’t give me a lot to go on to conclude otherwise in your last post.


How about Virgil, and spencer?

AKA: Lets just teleport/zip-line and flail around wildly the whole match. Eventually we’ll get a hit, often resulting in a hard knockdown, and then just auto-pilot into a crushing combo. We winz.

There’s a big difference between really good and ridiculous .
Zero is ridiculous.
Spencer and Vergil are really good, but are beatable.
Zero has no bad matchups whatsoever.

You have to literally wait for a player flaw to get in.
The character itself has NO clear openings

One thing that can always help someone not get mad, is seeing someone else get mad or rage. Then you look at them, and see how embarrassing it is, and just think of lame they look for getting mad and being unsportsmanslike, and think wow I do not wanna act like that, I should just say GG, or calm the fuck down and think of what I did wrong and why I got hit.