Marvel PLayers: How do you keep from getting mad?

Embrace the hate.

I stopped being angry at UMvC3 by selling it and buying KoF XIII.

I don’t know about other people, but one thing that helps me avoid getting angry is confidence.

That is, even if I lose my point, I can still think to myself “It’s alright, I’ll just body him with my next character anyway.”

Perhaps a more accurate title of this thread would be “frustrated”. I don’t literally get outright pissed and visibly in a rage, from the outside observer i might be considered stoic & calm. However, on the inside i can be frustrated & out of it if something has gone wrong during the match.

Frustration is a normal feeling don’t let it guide your actions.Learn from your mistakes don’t let the frustration dictate your game. Those who become anxious lose. Musashi could help solve this problem. Have a read people its good stuff.