Marvel Preview for Evo


Interesting read
Minor adjustment, but I’d say zak’s team is a 9(at least). What he loses in unblockables he compensates with a team that’s not so-so when fbrand dies while apology man’s team is kind of questionable when his firebrand dies in comparison. Most firebrand users (including apologyman) have said that firebrand/doom/ammy is the best firebrand team as well.
Just my take on it

edit: Apologyman plays skrull last not second


Yeah he did…KVO x Godsgarden x Acho was a Road to Evo2k13 major, in which he got second place.

Also I think Kazunoko got very good at this game at a short amount of time…very dangerous player right now. He also got second at South East Asia tournament.


Nice work, interesting read


Cool read, love stuff like this, kudos for writing it. But I think you gotta throw flux in A tier.


I want to see Moons take it he’s just such an awesome player to watch his level of execution is truly impressive but I do think he is just A tier I might get ridiculed for saying this but I don’t think he’s cheap enough with the way he plays this game. But I hope him or Yipes takes it.


EM Pony is a threat too, mexican player, has been dominating the mexican tourney scene for a couple of months and has taken out players such as DiosX and KaneBlueRiver with relative dominance. IIRC Frutsy hasn’t been able to take him down for a while, the man is seeded too thanks to Japonawa.

Also, apparently Frutsy has a new team, he hasn’t posted footage of it but some people claim to have seen it in action. Just a head’s up.


I got curious after reading about “whiteblack” as I never heard of him, and Sabin recently uploaded this, so if you haven’t seen this, I’m leaving it here:


KaneBlueRiver’s style is really good


Dorm/Morrigan/Doom is a 7/10. Terrible horizontal coverage unless you choose Plasma Beam, which takes away the pressure options of both Dorm/Missiles and Morrigan/Missiles. The DHC potential of Dorm -> Morrigan isn’t very safe either, the THC is decent if you pick anything but Liberation.


I’d say it’s an 8/10 at least: Morrigan assist gives you meter for chaotic flame, which can function as horizontal coverage, DHCing from chaotic flame or stalker flare to AV is pretty safe, you have great TAC’s, and you have Dormadoom and Morridoom on the same team. It bruteforces its way through its flaws.


Read it all by accident.
You forgot Spooky’s team by the way.

[details=Spoiler] It’s a 10/10
Can stream all games solo
The best anchor in the FGC
Can play offensively and defensively
X Factor never runs out
His X Factor turns him gold.
Synergy with every character in the FGC.
Probably highest stamina in the game
Best assist in the game

-There’s only one Spooky


Chaotic Flame is unreliable as horizontal coverage. It is mainly used on reads to catch flight startup, punishes that are absolutely certain (like blocked EM Disruptor L), or a GTFO move to punish button pressing. It doesn’t compensate for the poor durability of Dark Matter like any good beam assist.

DHCing from Stalking Flare is almost always unsafe unless the opponent is already in blockstun or is at a bad angle that leaves Dorm unpunishable. DHCing from Chaotic Flame is also unreliable because it is a non-tracking hyper that doesn’t have full screen coverage.

To the contrary, this team cannot “bruteforce its way” through anything. It’s a very fragile team composition that depends on you being outright better than your opponent to win. Any decent rushdown team with a horizontal beam assist beats it badly. You might as well not have Dorm at all and put a better support behind Morrigan/Doom.


Yeah I really wish that team had real top tier synergy but really its just two good shells put together that play the same way. Dorm needs that tracking pillar assist a la blackheart.


After watching Champs pop-off after his exhibition against Infrit, I hope he doesn’t even make it out of pools. I know he will, but the cockyness he displays after hardly winning anything in the year that has past since Evo '12 takes him to another level of “heel”


Awesome read, though I feel Champ’s Phoenix team is worth mentioning. Also not sure I agree with many of the team rankings but hey, opinions.


Wowwww! Hahaha. Thanks so much for putting this together, guys. To someone like me who doesn’t play Marvel but enjoys watching it, that entire post is pumpkin pie.


this evo it’s either going to be Chrisg taking it or some zero team knocking him out early giving random results.


truthfully, i think chrisg is the only sure bet at evo this year. everyone else is a toss up afaic. personally, i have a strong feeling fchamp will get randomed out by somebody in pools or top 32. hoping that doesn’t happen though.


excellent job by fchamp. happy he didn’t get randomed. the rest of top8 is still pretty random though, as expected.


I think ChrisG got knocked into loser by wingzero or something. I remember he used Jill and I think zero too. Chris ended up knocking him out of the tournament later but he sure was extremely salty about being put into losers.

When I watched PR_rog vs chrisg today in losers I forgot to breath a couple of times during the match. I obviously can’t handle playing this game, it’s really bad for my heart lol. Felt bad for PR_rog for not being able to making top 8. These zero players that can loop kill your first character then don’t give you a chance to play lol.

I want chrisg to win evo but I think there are too many zero’s in top 8 and he has serious issues with dealing with them. Top 8 is tomorrow but I’m not sure if I’m going to watch it. I’m under a bit of stress right now and watching Marvel is just going to push me over the edge.