Marvel Psych

Just a little psychology thing I thought of in reference to Marvel. I will post a character and would like those interested to just reply with the first thoughts that come to their head when presented with that character. I’ll try and post 1 character per day going alphabetically.


well based on what I know already:


lots of neat tools to work with but not enough life to really matter, kind of like a somehow crappier wolverine.


Chubby green cactus.

horrible horrible design, a capcom slot that could have went to Dante or Nemesis (don’t know if those characters were out by then, but whatever.)

Probably their attempt at an all around fighter that went horribly wrong in comparison to the Tops.

“well, let’s give him a shitty assist, and then two other assist that no one will ever use.”

^lol. Anakaris.

UNDERRATED!! PERIOD!! Has a decent wavedash (as long as you don’t input your down x2 commands too fast or you’ll get a coffin drop), great range and speed in some ov his normals, Assisted Curse Infinites are too good once one takes up the patience to master them, Hyper Viper Hordes does IMMENSE damage when mashed properly…what else…his airdash options are freakin’ horrendous (as in GOOD) when studied and used correctly.

Only thing that really sucks for him besides his slow floater jump ins is his terrible defense (if he gets hit by anything overly damaging he’s practically toast)!

yeah anak is def underrated. he’s pretty good. i play vs a couple of anaks and they give me a lot of trouble, especially with that infinite.


mexicans seem to worship him as a god.

haha So pringles.

B.B. Hood.

accidentally nerfed. so much faster in VS.

300 pound Eugene’s best character

BB hoods chip damage ftw!!!



enough said

i think of this top tier cable user