Marvel Ranbats/Tournaments?

Ok! So me and a few other people I play with were talking about throwing Bi-Weekly Marvel tournaments, simular to FFA’s Ranbat series. We’ve tried this before, and it failed. =[ So… We were wondering, if we re-attempted these again, would anybody show up?

What would be a good day for everyone? Tuesday? Saturday? Thursday? What would everyone prefer? Arcade or Console? If we were to do it on Arcade, we can more likely run them at SVGL. But alot of people would like Console instead so nobody can complain about sticks or anything. =]

Also, would lowering the Entry fee make more people enter? What would be the best time for everyone? Noon or at night? I really think NorCal Marvel scene is just getting lower and lower now, since we dont have much tourneys like other places do. I think this would also be good practice for Evo,as well.

If we start running these at SVGL, it’s possible we could run CvS2 and 3s Ranbats too! So we can get a big crowd or what not! =]

Please give thoughts, opions, feedback, etc etc! Myself, and I’m sure alot others would love to bring back the competitive scene we once had. =[

EDIT: I forgot to also add that maybe we can somehow find a place to hold Console MvC2/CvS2/3s Ranbats if no one wants it to be Arcade?

Or somehow, we can all agree on a spot where all us Marvel players can meet up and play at maybe once a week, or twice a month perhalps? And just have a all out crack sesh!

Anyhow! Let’s all start playing some serious Marvel!!! Let’s go to Evo as NorCal, not Team (insert whatever) =P

i think incorporating it into the fairfield tournaments is a good idea since it gets a consistant turnout every month.


sup with it.

i’m down but i can really do it on weeknights. i’ll try to make it on weekends but not certain.

I say no to holding it at Fairfield. I know Korngo agrees with me!

I think it would be great to hold it somewhere around Oakland-Hayward area. That way, people from Fairfield, Concord, Berkeley, Newark, San Jose can all attend without having to drive over an hour and not to forget it would take them another hour of driving back. I would prefer weekend around noon that way the tournament won’t be too late in case it gets extended.

agree with woo on not holding it in fairifled. sorry!!! but i know the sticks are not up to par. and whatever day its decided ima make sure i can go!


Top players can go up and down. Ranbats shows…who’s top consistently. It also makes players more competitive and fight for the top spots in NorCal. I’m learning marvel now, and its a very fun game.

Location Location Location…

SVGL would be a great spot. SVGL was the home of top players. If you want to be the best…you have to defeat the best. Its also a good way to help out the arcade because its on life support right now.

SVGL mvc2 cabinets is terrible also for MVC2. If it was hosted in SVGL then thats way too far for sacramento ppls and other ppls closer to the to join, its should be hosted on console and somewhere in the middle so everyone can meet up “if this does happen”

Well, here’s my personal opion: I believe we should run our gatherings/tournaments on Console, somewhere in the East Bay as it would be much more easier for everyone. I would love to hold them at least twice a month, only problem we have now is trying to find a solid spot to hold these at. =[

If anyone would like to suggest a spot, please do so!!!

Sounds like fun

Will you please stop doing unblockables on me? =[

ill be down for this if its like a regular bi-weekly thing and has low entry fee.

i wish it could be arcade, but svgl sticks are usually wack… if they fix it though, make it at svgl so we can play other games too.

charlie, you playin marvel AND gg:ac too now? 4th dimension is too crazy…

Wow. funny how king kau claims the sticks aint up to par but he plays here all the time. That’s chump shit right there.

anyway, this sounds cool. I wanna go for the hype because nor cal gets stupid hype when it comes to marvel.

Even though I don’t like tinh, the short man made a good point.
its gonna be hard to find a place to throw it so everyone can come though. sacramento is on one side, san jose is on the other side, and we’re right in the middle. plus when it comes to playing at arcades everybody has different preferences because people become used to playing in certain places.

I think our sticks are fine, but because of how spaced out NorCal marvel heads are from eachother, I think console is the best bet for this.

Either way, lets do this shit…HYPE!

im just stating that they are, CJ you dont have to say im a chump for that.

That sounds slike chump shit to me yo. You can’t talk down about the arcade you play at all the time. I think the sticks are fine. I work at TILT so i get sick of people sayin shit about the sticks all the time.

I see people come to TILT and pull off shit that you try to pull off just fine. So if anything, I’d say you need to step your game up homie.

Just statin my opinion, if you got anything more to say…you can find me at TILT. I’ll be sitting behind the counter while you play on our “not up to par”" sticks.


Last time I was at tilt, sticks were poo-poo. That could have changed, though.

Its easy for people to say the sticks suck if you don’t frequently play at the arcade you’re talkin about. Like last year, I went to NCR and i hated the SVGL sticks. But peoiple who were from there played on them just fine.

I could do the same thing at MGL, the sticks might feel garbage to me, but the people who play there all the time. probably say they feel fine

Hell i could go to Keystone and play shitty and say the sticks suck but the people who play there frequently will probably say the sticks are fine.

Its all a matter of preference. Theres no such thing as perfect sticks or sticks with no flaws. Everywhere you go, hell even console sticks have issues so at some point you’re not gonna be satisfied.

I would never go as far as too say stick are shittty unles there is a blatant problem, like i literally can’t jump as in the up direction doesn’t work at all, or if i can only block in one direction 50% of the time because the stick doesn’t register that direction all the time.

But stuff like missing a tri-jump or dropping a combo is normal. No one is perfect, shit happens

i dont come around no more cause the sticks suck hott ass n ballz… pluss 2 coins 2 play = (imo) i been saying this for years now so you cant tell me nothing my really good homie cj. i think i get a free pass on this 1. you know uncle scrubs the first to exploit it lol.

Well my opinion on fft sticks are 50/50! Sometimes they’re ok and sometimes there horrible! But I feel it should be on console! Considering there will be less botching about sticks and the world’s biggest tourney in the world!

I don’t think that was chump shit on kingkau part cause he was being honest! I’m not trying to start shit but it’s hard to play mag storm or sent consistently on these sticks! If you play cable or megaman or shit like that all you do is jump back! So you wouldn’t understand! Once again I’m not being personal just giving my opinion!

SVGL sticks are kind of shitty too. MGL sticks are definitely shitty.