Marvel Ranbats/Tournaments?

LOl, WHATS GOOD SCRUBKILLER! I was wondering what happened to you. Yea i can’t spit nuthin at you because you have ben sayin that the sticks sucked before i even moved to FF and started playin at TILT. So you’re right i can’t say much. But i remember you playin just fine back when you did come around. I saw too many people die from infinite set-ups. Why do you think i hate iron man…CAUSE OF YOU FOOL!:pray:

CHucky, Now normally from a Mag, Sent, Storm point of view i would say you have a point. You’re right in a sense that i dont play Mag or Storm but i do play Sent, not a very good one but i could say the same about you’re Mag and Storm. So from a general stand point on things Yea i do understand how hard it is.

I think its was chump shit :lame: on King Kau’s part because HE plays here at TILT all the time with people who play the same exact teams as him. The only difference is they play them better than him on “Not up too par” sticks. Once again, im not tryin to say TILT has the best sticks but it sounds more like a shitty excuse for not bein able to do combos more than opinion.

Thats like if i played CvS2 at Keystone ALL the time and said the sticks sucked when other people who go there can do everything i try to do just fine and better than me.

You dont play here all the time Chucky but i see MSP players here all the time playing just fine. Like i said, its all preference. You play on console most of the time anyway so of course re-adjusting to TILT sticks is gonna feel weird to you because like i said, you dont play here

Now don’t get it twisted, Im not tryin to say TILT has the best sticks and or this is the place that we should be throwing Ranbats, but im just arguin that they’re not completely garbage like you think they are. They aint the best, but lets face it. No arcade has perfect sticks folks nd no one plays perfect. You’re gonna fuck shit up wether its on console or in the arcade. But like i said before. For this (The Ranbats i mean) we should definitely throw it on console due to preferences and location of players

Point well taken cj! I guess all in all console is my preference! But as long as it’s marvel I’m game! Oh and if I forgot gg’s when I was up there! Rogue sent is to scary!

Lol. thanks los. gg’s to you too man. Playin with rouge is an uphill battle yo. You have gotten better yo. More MSP players = rough times for tha soulstar. haha

anyway, not tryin to start any drama with all this by the way. I just tend to get defensive when it comes to 707 sometimes. lol

but just like you said, as long as its marvel, I’m game.

I think the general consensus is MGl sticks suck, tilt sticks suck, and SVGl are iffy. I say console would be the agreed opinion.

I figured you would say somthin like that Woo. you’re mostly a console head too so that makes sense.

And personally, I’d say SVGL are about as shitty as every other arcade in nor cal. Unless you play there frequently

can we just find a place to throw this already!?!

Here’s the thing:

These will NOT be ran at FFT. Sorry, to anybody who goes to that arcade! I’ve gotten alot of PM’s and IM’s about not running them at FFT. So FFT is out of the picture, sorry. =[

IF! Just if they were thrown at SVGL, sticks shouldint be a problem as myself, and others are verry close to the management at SVGL. So if sticks were a issue at any point of the tournament, we can easily get assistance on fixing them. =]

But not to worry yet! I’m still trying as hard as possible to find a spot to get these held on Console at a spot that everyone will be satisfied with.

To everyone: Please keep posting your opions, suggestions, thoughts, and feedback as they are verry important!!!

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Look into:

  • Is space going to be an issue?
  • How do we draw in new blood?
  • Why are we doing this?
  • How is this going to benefit the FGC?
  • Are people willing to drive?

if its in SVGL then thats would be way to far… anywhere in middle point is the best and fair for both side. ranbats would be fun =]

Since its obvious Sac and people are too lazy to drive for something important like this, you should make a poll Korngo and have people vote. IMO, its the most fair way to determine a location.

you know whats in between sac and san jose? CONCORD!!! dooo itttt

woo, holding it in the middle is the best … and if it was host in SVGL it would be way to far and it would only benefit ppls around those are and not for other players. You would get more entry if its in the middle instead of SVGL.

Well, considering most of the top players (except you) are down here, I don’t see why we have to cater to the people up there. I’m fine with the middle, as long as the location is fine. But, since you post, I’m assuming you care. I don’t see why a drive isn’t that bad of a sacrifice for a good tournament.


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I dunno about concord, housing here could be a problem.

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Well right now, I’m looking into a few spots. None of them are for sures, yet. As soon as I get a confirmation from all the spots I am in talks with, I will make a new poll. But if I can only get one spot to hold these at, I may have to just only stick with that. I can only work with what I’m handed, so everyone please bare with me! I’m trying to make this as fair as possible! I can’t make a pole for locations right now if I don’t have any for sure locations to begin with. (Please, don’t take offence to this, just wanna let everyone know what’s going on)

I’m trying to bring it as close to Sacramento as possible, to make everything as fair as possible. But unfortunately no matter where it’s gonna be held at, it’s always gonna be a mission from Sacramento being that it’s so far up North. And being that most Marvel players live or reside in the Bay Area, we just can’t take these tournaments anywhere outside of the Bay Area.

And please understand, it’s not just Sacramento I also have to find a location that fits best for them, but I also have to work with a location that can make it possible and not too much out of the way for the Stockton/Modesto/Fresno (The Valley) and Salinas (Monterey Bay) players.

Charlie (ShAix510), thank you for your input man. I really appreciate it. I’ve been looking into all the things you have posted, and I am working on them as I type!

Keep all the opions, questions, feedback, suggestions, everything coming 'cause I really need 'em and they matter alot. (At least to me) Thanks!

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