Marvel repairs still needed

So I take it we are done asking for next-gen marvel to be more like it’s DC roots. I don’t know where to find the threads for complaints/suggestions but there are still several differences which will take adjusting. Magneto has gotten several benefits but I’m afraid to use them for fear of forgetting not to use them when playing at arcade/dc. Meanwhile blackheart is completely broken with a super practical otk…patches are still needed for this game. Is capcom done though?

only some things on the next gen consoles could of been fixed. The issues with normal recovery or hit stun can’t be fixed. According to magnetro, the next gen consoles just can’t do marvel properly and of the 2 systems, ps3 is the best but its still a pile.

I think they pretty much fixed everything they plan on to. Fixing the deeper things with the engine would take a lot of work I believe so thats probably out of the question.

marvel is now 2 games. You have the DC version and the next gen versions and it looks like all of us will need to know both.

what ‘new shit’ does magnus have?

Next gen mahvel is what it is… not exactly the same… but there are MORE tools gained than lost overall. I have barely scatched the surface of new links n such. Just gotta keep a couple things in mind when switching between versions.

Capcom has so much work to do on mvc2 online/ps3/x360 versions. I mean im playing online getting 30-40 wins and then when the loading screen happens 1 of my opponent characters are a “BLACK SQUARE” so im like wtf is going on. So i go to kill storm and the game FREEZES. Ive been getting this lately and it has been pissing me off. Makes me want to play dc version “4 LIFE”. Here are the pictures of what im talking about!