Marvel seems to have realized it. X-Men are back in Action! We might get some in the game!


That theme is orgasmic to my ears.

Some Details

Not seeing Psylocke though :frowning: She might make it later. Atleast Gambit is there.
EDIT: She’s there alongside Gambit and Wolverine in Astonishing X-Men #1. I’m an idiot sometimes.

IceMan, Jean Grey and Cable (all who have been MVC characters) each getting their own solo comics.

Marvel finally coming to their senses? If they are giving X-Men so much love we might see them.

Problem is… roster is probably decided at this point. However… due to this resurgence of X-Men, I would expect the coming 3 Seasons to be filled with a lot of X-Men due to their total absence supposedly in base roster. If we are lucky. We might even get about 2 in base roster. Then more of the fan fav X-Men like Psylocke, Gambit etc as DLC.
I could use an MVCI X-Men trailer showing Cyclops with that theme right about now.


I would love to do some serious space control with Cable’s grenades again


You should also pick the Space Infinity Stone while you’re at it. :smiley:


You’re going to get X-Men all right… If your pockets are deep enough.


Deep fucking pockets, we’re talking part-timer at Mickey D’s deep.


I missed it but Psylocke is there in Astonishing X-Men #1 Cover alongside Gambit and Old Man Logan. I can be an idiot sometimes.


Glad it won’t be limited to MCU for Marvel roster choices in MVCI


It’s a wonder the game’s gonna get anywhere with all these shit characters.


What a useless interview.


Oh hey, stuff we’ve covered before.


I think by the way Fox are acting right now that they have a very tight limit on their licence contract with Marvel. Daredevil was seven years, eventually the contract ran out and the overall rights to Daredevil were handed back to Marvel. X-Men on the other hand, we’re getting multiple movies every one or two years. It only feels like weeks ago we had Days of Future Past, now it’s Logan, then we’re getting New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix all in 2018. They’re making absolute sure that they make full use of the contract.


Kinda feels like back in the 90’s where they thought they had to have 12 X-Men books going at the same time and 5 Spider-Man series and shit, then were surprised that nobody bought that shit, almost went bankrupt and had to team up with DC for the crossover comic books to save their labels.


X-men vs SF DLC lets go! Would love a whole game like this. Call it xm vs sf2


[] Psylocke
] Storm
[] Gambit
] Magneto
[] Wolverine
] Cyclops
[] Prof X
] Jean Grey
[] Archangel
] Songbird
[] Juggernaut
] Jubilee
[] Havok
] Nightcrawler
[] Mystique
] Sabertooth
[] Iceman
] Cable
[] Rogue
] Quicksilver


[] Akuma
] M.bison
[] Sagat
] Dhalsim
[] Oro
] Juri
[] Rashid
] Gill
[] Alex
] Nash
[] C.Viper
] Hugo
[] Cody
] Retsu
[] Cammy
] Poison
[] Ken
] Ryu
[] Chunli
] Rose

[] X23 & Sakura
] Marrow & Necalli
[] Deadpool & Dan
] Beast & Blanka
[] Dazzler & Guile
] Banshee & Elena
[] Collosus & Zangief
] Sentinel & Q
[] Emma Frost & Kolin
] Warlock & Twelve
[*] Silver Samurai & Guy

Sadly this will never be made in a bajillion years…


Dazzler and Dan would fit better.


Asking for more DLC… Disgusting


Didnt say it would be paid dlc bro




Well, X-Men are naturally going to be highly requested now that they’re available. Capcom couldn’t get them in because of Fox/Ike Perlmutter nonsense, so DLC is their only way. Or they can release an Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite down the line…which would likely piss off people even more.


Would people be pissed off if a UMVCI were just a bundle and not a mandatory expansion if you wanted to play new characters?


I thought there would be Xmen from the recent up…