Marvel Singletons

A term that’s used a lot in programming with some ire is “singleton” - a feature or concept that’s only used once in the entirety of your software. They’re a huge pain in the ass to implement and are usually a “last resort” kind of situation. I’ve been thinking about them a lot in Marvel because this game has more singletons than any fighting game I can think of. I wanted to try to list some and see how many the community can come up with. Some are obvious, some not so much.

THE RULES: These are system mechanics or states that only happen as a result of one specific thing. Some examples:

HAGGAR: Haggar’s 8H (headbutt) in the air when it counter-hits causes a knockdown state where the opponent’s character looks normal but can be OTGd by any ground move. No other move in the game causes this knockdown state.

ARTHUR: Arthurs 5M on the ground has a number of auto-guard frames that will block mid attacks. Not super armor or invincibility - the attack is treated as blocked, not absorbed or whiffed. No other move in the game has auto-guard frames.

V. JOE: Shocking Pink is the only projectile in the game that can damage both allies and opponents.

FRANK WEST: Frank’s snapshot is the only move in the game that reads data from the combo counter.

PHOENIX: Phoenix is the only character in the game that can come back to life after losing all her health (with 5 meters stocked).

MODOK: Modok is the only character who gains abilities by connecting with a specific move (Analyze Cube) and has a “stock” of those abilities that can be depleted.

NOVA: Nova is the only character in the game who loses red life from performing specific moves.

What other ones can you think of?

There is a state similar to Haggar’s j 8H when Phoenix Wright hits an opponent enough times with Hold It or Objection in a short enough span of time, although it comes with blue lines as an indicator that they are in a hard knockdown state that can be hit by any move.

PW in general is incredibly unique, having to pick up specific items to do specific projectiles.

Web Ball creates a web effect. opponents hit by web ball are airborne. does not affect assists in the same way ; they stay grounded, similar when hit by hitgrabs.

Web throw is a projectile with 1 point of low durability, and on hit is a “hit grab”. However, this move at its max range will hit opponents without going into the hit grab animation.

Spencer’s zip has a hitbox, but it also has a hurtbox as it can be hit by moves (which ends up negating the move in a lot of cases similar to Maya’s shield). this feature is not on spiderman’s zip :frowning:

There are 3 instances of moves afaik having a cancel priority between a special move and a super move; they are Zero’s Level3 buster, Spiderman’s zip, and C Viper’s EX Moves.

Obvious one, Vergil has the only pure S attack cancelable on block (into Upper slash)
C Viper’s first hit of S is also cancelable on hit/block into grounded special moves like a normal, but not on whiff

Doom’s hard kick is the only launch state-causing normal that isn’t S. (means he can whiff cancel into specials, and dash cancel on hit/block b/c he is doom)
Haggar’s hoodlum launcher is the only launch state causing special move

  • redacted; also Nova’s Centurion Art H
    Chun Li’s hoyokusen and Vjoe’s mach speed are the only launch causing supers

Magneto’s hyper grav is the only move that negates launch state, the only other ways of negating launch state are hitting them into hard knockdown or dropping the combo

Magneto’s tac infinite (the easy one) makes very little sense, but apparently his unfly is special or something

Morrigan’s ground dashes are the only dashes in the game that just put a character in the air automatically

Crossover counters and assists are sometimes a different version of the actual move they are supposed to be, which makes sense as there are CC moves that aren’t real moves (Ammy Bloom, Morrigan Dark Harmonizer, Frank Shopping Cart/Meter build).
Vergil’s Rapid Slash assist (and crossover counter) is different from his Rapid Slash on point, Spiderman’s web swing assist is his H swing in animation/range/frames, but M web swing in terms of hit properties (so that he wouldn’t have soft knockdown on the assist - spidey’s H web swing on point has soft knockdown)

not all singletons, but they are pretty unique. the game is full of unique things anyway

Actually, Hsien-Ko’s item toss and, as mentioned, Wright’s OBJECTIONs work similar to Haggar’s Headbutt. Not sure if She-Hulk has the same properties, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

The more you Ko.

Item toss and Objection (and She-Hulk’s grabs) put in a dizzy state. Haggar’s move is a hard knockdown with OTG properties as a counterhit IN THE AIR. If he lands it on a grounded opponent as a counterhit, it dizzies. Dizzy states have set duration, while Haggar’s move is as long as a normally scaled hard KD would last, just with the OTG property.

Hitting the third Objection (or whatever the requirement is for stun) with PW in the air does the exact same thing as what you are describing with Haggar, you see a lot of PW players go straight into Press The Witness but most moves will hit, regardless of OTG properties.

Shocking Pink is the only assist that can be used more than once in a combo.
And I THINK Item Toss is the only attack that changes based on the timer.

Vergil is the only character that I will all-in bet on in a 1v3 situation if he hits the floor and has meter/XF3.

hallo good sir are you going to evo? i’ll take that

Unless you’re talking about the grounded dizzy state, no, Haggar’s mid-air CH with headbutt gives them a special OTG, they aren’t dizzied at this state. Haggar’s headbutt CH against a grounded opponent does the same as PW’s/She Hulk’s dizzy effect.

Phoenix wright 3 time objection against an airborne opponent also puts them is this magical special OTG. it’s on his Mission Mode.

"V. JOE: Shocking Pink is the only projectile in the game that can damage both allies and opponents."
Hsien-ko’s bombs?

Also, you can st.L Zero’s Buster lvl1 out of existence.

Don’t forget about Frank’s Zombies.

While it’s not technically an attack, it’s likely Wright’s evidence results rely on the timer. The theory that makes the most sense to me is:

-Game cycles through list of evidence every unit of time (Like 1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6 etc)
-When you search for evidence, game generates evidence probability of good/bad/meat and picks one
-Game goes to the list for the type of evidence and plugs in the number from the first process and gives you the evidence that correlates to that number

It’s also a singleton because if you record yourself collecting evidence and play it back you’ll get the same evidence every time. The only exception is if you record yourself gathering two pieces of bad evidence and attempt to play it back while you already have one piece of bad evidence. You can’t have 3 pieces of bad evidence so you don’t get the third piece of bad evidence from your recording.
Maya’s slide might be a singleton in that it’s a not a projectile or physical attack and has a collision hitbox. It can actually stop Raging Demon.

I prefer the theory that evidence is decided at the beginning of the match. It would explain why PW/PW match-ups will get the same evidence if they choose the same slots.

Is the mag blast motion used in any other game?

I don’t think any other character uses a 896 motion in the game, no.

Vampire Hunter’s Pyron.

i have heard that the game decides evidence differently online vs offline. the time i saw PW/PW get the same evidence at the same time was online.

Does this have the same properties as Frank’s walking zombies? This game, man…

Curious about this too

Franks zombies and maya are pretty much characters on screen. They prevent you from progressing if they’re active in front of you (on the ground). Shit is silly.