Marvel Singletons


I’m not 100% on this but Firebrand may have the only command normal that puts him into flight (Devil’s Claw). Maybe the only one with non QCB+S specials that put him into flight too.


Shuma can’t xfactor cancel a whiffed jump S for some unknown reason.


Zero has the only projectile that can be beat by any and all normals(buster level 1)


Trish Peekaboo and Frank walking zombies i believe will lose to normals as well, but i guess they might not be projectiles
i would assume trish peekaboo is tho


Really? I’ve never seen that?


Peekaboo is interesting in that if a hitbox intersects it, it will remove the hitbox from Peekaboo as well as the hitbox of the attack. Not sure if Frank zombies have the same effect. I often wish this game was ported to PC just so hackers could get into it and see how they organized all of these insane properties into something coherent.


Can’t u still hack Into an Xbox using a hack kit or something similar? My brother once was able to hack into a COD game to fuck with the mechanics.


Not entirely true. Sent drones and Hidden Missiles are assists you can use twice in the same combo under certain circumstances.


As well as every other assist in the game, if you end up TACing/DHCing around a bit, since assist cooldowns are locked to character slot, not character.


I think Chun Li is the only character in the game that still has a 1 frame start up snap back, but I’d have to check the guide again to make sure.

Viper is the only character that can cancel into block or jump on the very first frame of recovery of her most used projectile. The only character that comes close is Morrigan but she must already be in flight state first which has 12 frame start up. If you are already in flight you still have to input a flight motion first to unfly before blocking.

Dante is the only character with special moves that shut off your advance guard. Those being Vortex and Thunderbolt when in Devil Trigger. Making him the only character that doesn’t get his zoning game pushed away or readjusted due to pushblock. You can press advance guard but no advance guard animation or signal will appear on the screen.

Viper is also now the only character that has hyper armor on a move that isn’t a special or super (focus attack). The only other character with that property previously with Sentinel but it was patched out for super armor instead.


Nova Cent Rush H does as well. Nice list though. I learned some stuff.


you’re right, forgot about it


Dormammu x3 creation liberation spell binds you to the ground. No one else has a capture state as unique as that.

I think Morrigan is the only character that can steal your meter without the use of the side TAC.


shuma can with a ground throw at least i think


Yea just looked at my brady guide and it does. 2000 points of hyper meter. I didn’t know that, I’ve never even used the character haha.


i noticed it during the UFGT character auction, since all 3 shumas ended up being available and 2 got to grand finals


And then that brings up Modok’s Jamming Bomb, the only move that reverse your opponent’s controls.


Command throws as well? I forgot. I play a little shuma, but don’t go for them that much lol.


Morrigan has the only lvl 3 that is air OK (Darkness Illusion) input wise.


Can’t u do mags level 3 in the air?