Marvel Stick art project! Complicated request

I’m making a showcase stick, and I want some stick art to really set it apart from others. This will primarily be based around MVC2, so I might need someone to rip a sprite or two.

General: Depictions of Marvel battles, which will be lit up by LED diodes peeking through the wood, under the lexan. Pics from actual Marvel comics would be appreciated, but some sprite battles will work fine.

Specifics: At least one Sentinel vs X-men battle, Iron man vs anyone, one large MVC2 logo for the top, depictions of Cable (any darker color, I will edit his clothing myself), storm (lk color), sentinel (HK color), Magneto (A1 color), Servbot getting chased by the paper airplane (end pose), and Tron with the group of servbots in her end pose.

Anyone willing to help me with this project, I will help with editing, but the main problem I have is finding the appropriate captures and artwork on the web, and finding the time to do this. If someone can find all of this or make a large contribution to this one, I will buy them Prem for a month or provide other services.

Awww… no one’s willing to help out?

I have quite a few comics in e-book form so I can grab some images from there. Is there a style/era or particular artist you like?

Well… could you possibly upload some samples?

If this works for you, there’s an FTP site for shoryuken. Just put it in the comics folder at the following site:

Otherwise, I’m not too picky as to the art style, as long as it’s a little more cleanly drawn, edgy, or otherwise not pale or pastel/chalky drawn.

I’m loving that Civil War Iron Man. And the last pic in the X-men folder was the type of art style I like.

Still, though. That civil war style is the best. Any chance you coud upload some pics like that with Magneto, Storm, and/or Cable? I know the last is kind of a longshot, but I’m willing to just blow up sprites if necessary.

i read the civil war series, and i’m not sure if you’re going to want the artwork of cable. cable’s outfit looks nothing like the one in which he’s most recognizable (he looks nothing like he does in mvc2). magneto doesn’t show up in civil war, and honestly, as far as i can remember, storm doesn’t dress up in her costume. she was always in like royal robes because she married the black panther. it was mostly the avengers.

but, then again, maybe that’s what you’re going for. for x-men, there are a lot of great artists: adam and andy kubert, old school jim lee, etc. i like salvadora larocca’s art too. google them up.

I know as much on the first note. I just meant that straight-edge drawing style. Dark, light-oriented, etc. I hate the washed-out look of so many old school comics.

hm, okay. i’ll look up some stuff for you later. i think i have an idea of what you might like. it might be like individual pictures of the characters, so you’ll have to mesh them together yourself. it’s kinda hard to find everyone in one shot.

Added some more, still looking for good shots of Storm.

I’ve already been doing that. Photoshop makes it surprisingly simple :party:

here’s what i cooked up so far under the assumption that “straight edge drawing style” means “clean looking” style. if i had my whole stash of comic books with me, this would’ve gone so much easier.

(i can’t believe i couldn’t find anything on magneto.)

(man, deadpool hogs all of cable’s spotlight.)

(jeez, she’s always in a picture with black panther. lol)

I think I’m content in my search for Cable and Magneto. I’ll check those storm ones in a bit.

Thanks for all your help, guys! If either of you want Prem, feel free to PM me. Your experience has saved me a lot of time searching through X-men movie posters and Halle Barry pics to find good material.

:rofl: storm was ALL halle berry pictures. lol

edit: i think it’s just my computer. the links should all work. x_x

Rough version of mash-up. It’ll have MVC2, Guilty Gear, And 3s collages by the time I’m finished.

it’s looking good. can’t wait to see the finished version.

Bump. Anyone mind helping me out with this one? I’ve got art now, which I can send. I’m just REALLY not an artist, so I think I need some help on the design aspects of the artwork before I go printing this out and putting it in my case.

i can help but it will be my own images yes yes?

Of course! Any and all help is welcome!

2nd Bump. I’m hoping to get this done by the end of the week, so save me from my poor art skills!

What do you want done exactly?
Maybe I can help clean up.

Hit me up on PM or whatever.