Marvel stick? Sanwa or Seimitsu?

Yeah I didn’t see a thread and I figured I’d just make a thread.

Which one would be a better stick for marvel?

Seimitsu LS-32 or Sanwa JLF?

Also would the JLF be able to fit in the green goblin shell?

Thanx appreciate it! :slight_smile:

-EX :cool:

Have you tried Happ competition for Marvel yet??

Simple. Get a P360 (or Competition if you can’t afford the p360) and mod the actuators.

If you’re insistent on a Jap stick, however, stick with the Sanwa. Seimitsu have shorter shafts and less resistance on the springs, and you NEED stiffer springs for marvel.

You will need to mod your green goblin to get the sanwa or Seimitsu in and have them stay firm. My suggestion is to just use a t5/hrap for modding in sticks, as it’s much stronger and more stable, so putting in sticks that don’t belong is safer.

??? seimitsus are stiffer than sanwas.

But agetecs are easier to sanwa mod anf you could spring mod it with an ls-55 spring(which is nice).


My bad. I was thinking of the LS-33.

You can also mod the spring on that to make it stiff.

best use P360 and Sanwa buttons is perfect match MvsC. you need custom joystick.

already posted in there no one responded.:bluu:

But Okay I’ got the info I needed, I guess for now till I start getting into my custom case building, I"ll try out the Sanwa JLF with Ls-55 spring. Thanx guys appreciate the info. :slight_smile:

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iL competition and happ comp convex buttons = win.

trust me you dont want sanwa buttons for marvel :bluu:

can someone explain to me why happ joystick + buttons is preferable for marvel?

From my experience, sanwa sticks are more responsive and quicker to the draw than happ. same with the buttons. Is it that the button release isn’t as forceful as happ so pressing one button multiple times can feel like more work?

I’ve own both for those who think i’m just hating.

Long story short, Seimitsu’ sticks in general have a cheap feeling attached to them perfectly, and to make things worse with deep disgust and hatred that you feel when you are using them.

Seimitsu LS-32 is just in the middle point between the ultimate stick Sanwa JLF & the joke Happ competition joystick.

Forget Happ, try Seimitsu & get Sanwa!

I’m no pro at Marvel games, but I recently put JLWs with round restrictor plates in my XvSF cab as an experiment. I’m using these with Happ Convex buttons. I love it. The round plate gives it a good Happ joystick feel, but the JLW feels more responsive.

The only downside to this is that, according to the chatter on here, JLWs aren’t known for their longevity. I hear about them becoming gummy and whatnot, so we’ll see what happens.

Honestly though, you’ll need to find what works for you. It really can’t be said enough in this forum. If you can afford it, get a few different types of sticks/buttons, plop them into something, and try them out.

My friend bought an Xmen:COTA cab a while ago and he replaced the Happ Ultimate joysticks/buttons with battop JLWs with the circular gate and Happ convex buttons. It works very well.

get an LS-32. JLF’s are terrible for marvel. wtf people. There’s so much dead zone on a JLF tri-jumping is a chore, and a bat top only makes it worse. Quickly dashing and then going into a block+assist does not feel nearly as clean as on an LS. Hell I think half circles in general are a pain on JLF’s with something as fast as marvel. I haven’t tried a JLW, but it looks just like an LS-32 so i’d even recommend that over a JLF. Yeah Happ/IL’s are gonna feel most natural, but between sanwa and sei the LS-32 has a way shorter throw and more rounded corners. Plus it’s cheaper! :slight_smile:

I laugh at the thought of jap parts for marvel.

I am confused now. I mostly play 3s and the consensus seems to be jap parts are the hot ticket, namleu the jlf. I started on happ and I like them, but I decided to try a jlf to see what the fuss is about. I hated it corners on the square are too sharp. So I tried an ls32 and an ls56 with an octagon gate. Both are better than the jlf for me. My question is why what’s good for marvel not good for 3s? A fighter is a fighter right? Could someone describe the motions in marvel that make happ sticks better.

No disrespect, but do you even play Marvel seriously? I’ve been able to take out even Rowtron a couple of times, and on a good day am able to match well against most of Seattle’s best (aside from Dann and Wenzel. Those guys seem to rape me for free), and I by FAR prefer Sanwas. One thing I’ll tell you is that you WANT a noticeable dead zone. Sanwas have a small enough range of movement as is (really, you don’t need to move the stick very far), and if there was a smaller dead zone, you’d be throwing out accidental quarter and half circles all over the place. Try playing Magnus on a seimitsu. I bet you’ll get a lot of overhead waves. Try playing a good defensive storm. I bet you’ll get a lot of lightning spheres.

-Don’t reccomend sticks without trying them.
-No stick is going to feel natural until you’ve gotten used to it. Shady K lays on a Sanwa JLF-modded green goblin for marvel. His play level is probably slightly limited because of this, but it’s what he’s used to, and he’s damned good on it.
-Seimitsu is barely cheaper, and as I’ve addressed, having the shorter range is a bad idea on any characters that will be doing a lot of dashing, especially tri-jump heavy characters. Trust me, when you try to wavedash and get accidental quarter circle+punch moves, you’ll know why.

Sorry for getting so heated, but Marvel is a game I take seriously, even if I’ve still got a long ways to go. No disrespect, poon. I just disagree with you. Did you ever try the octagonal restrictor on the sanwa jlf? That’s what I use, because the corners are way too sharp for me, as well. 360 characters are next to impossible for me to play on square gate sanwas, but the octagonal restrictor makes it feel close to a circular gate, just with the comfort of knowing which direction you’re at at all times. Seimitsus are more soft and vague in this regard. Maybe you should give it a try?

Slow games are fine with jap sticks, heck even back and fourth motions are fine on them as well. Try going for tri-jumps, fly/re-fly, and constant super jumping. You want resistance from the stick for these motions. Marvel is hardbody, and needs the right equipment.


WOW Kuenai, please watch what you say regarding marvel. Toe to toe with Rowtron? Come on dude get real.

yes i’ve played competitively on both. yes i use storm. anyone can look at a jlw and compare it to an ls-32 intuitively. noticeable dead zone is nice on a large heavy springed stick with a huge base you activate violently, on a small hori base i think it’s far from optimal. i stand by my opinion and i respect yours.