Marvel Studios | Hide Your Eyes, Hide Your Ears

No thanks. Looks really stupid and hokey.

Edit: and that animation style is, meh. Not sure how to describe it actually, but it’s weird.

Its literally is the same animation as robot chicken. Same studio lol




This needs to be in the remake somehow…


And throw this line in there too


If Maslany is not She Hulk I will be disappointed.

Probably the only good thing about Blade Trinity



He could be Jack Flag.

Given the potential timing he can’t have that big of a role, they were supposed to have started the show by August if not for Covid-19.

Helstrom is out on hulu.

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Marvel is introducing Tessa Thom… ehem, a new Valkyrie to the 616 Comics Universe.

And oooohh the salt from the so-themselves-called “comic book fans”.


“Why is Marvel going SJW”

Marvel always been SJW, showing 60s and 70s comics giving spot lights to minorities and telling stories that might be interesting or relevant to them.

2nd issue of Black Panther was the Panther taking on the KKK.


You have my attention Marvel!!!


Hell this move isn’t even SJW, it is them trying to synch the hype of the MCU with the comics.

They have done this with everything save the Hulk’s characterization and Spider-Man’s Aunt May being a dime.

I love Tessa as Valkyrie but cmon Asgard and Norse mythology didnt exactly include brown or black people… is like talking about Aztecs and introducing a super white character cause why not

Yeah but having a random French mother fucker is cool cause he’s white. Lol

Why are there very few light skin black comic book heroes

Well i guess kaldur

As a kid i fell hard into sci fi novels and comics. In particular alien vs predator

Those comic covers were so damn cool

there was an asian dude in thors broship in the first thor. Heimdall is black. There’s people of color althroughout MCU’s asgard. It’s a place/community/whatever like any place else.

also, marvel’s asgard and the key characters may as well be by name only when compared to the traditional asgard cause outside of them and the bifrost marvel asgard is nothing like the actual norse asgard.

too many people like to split hairs for the sake of splitting hairs.


Thats why i meant. Why is like that on mcu. I mean i know why but just pointing out it doesnt make sense. Imagine doing black panther movie and there are some asian dudes in wakanda selling ramen noodles…