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Oh, I misread. I think. I don’t know

Hogan or how ever it’s spelled, he asian in the comic too.

I’ve barely read Thor.

As you said before, you didn’t read the comics.
The Asguard of the comics didn’t follow Norse mythology that closely. They were never all white in the comics.

They were more gods in the sense that they always been an Alien race in space that ancient humans mistook as gods than gods in the classical sense. Thor’s 3 buddies, “The Warrior three” (the name of the actual group) are not just prominent characters, but they also had their own solo stories. And they treated the material with respect, they follow the old classical Shakespeare rules for casting, those who had the chops got the roles, and Ibris Elba is classically trained.

From Star Wars to Marvel…


He was Apocalypse in X-Men Apocalypse.
Let’s hope this turns out better lol

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Not feeling that casting choice, negotiatiions need to fall through

Great casting! Big fan if Oscar

I like it, although I won’t lie would prefer him as Spiderman 2099 in the next Spider Verse animated movie over Moon Knight.

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:thinking::thinking::thinking: Ya know… I really like this idea

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He’s a great actor, which is the most important, and also MK is much more well-known because of his costume and masks than his real face, so there won’t be much dissonance here.

Just like Deadpool, MK could be any race/ethnicity.

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See i would have wanted matt balmer for this to have a hot gay guy in the titular role

True, Moonknight is just a mantle. You just need someone to be left for dead in the desert and have Egyptian gods come to save you. The story is typically a mercenary/ solder named Marc Spector, but there no rules what race/ethnicity Marc Spector has to be.

Also most of Marc’s personalities are covers/identities he adopted when he was working as a mercenary/spy.

What I meant is that we all know how Bruce Wayne, Matt Murdock, Tony Stark or Peter Parker look under the cowl, but Moon Knight’s “true identity” (if such a thing exists) is not very widely known among non-readers (or even readers), or very memorable for the case (Tony Stark’s look was instantly recognizable, even before the movies).

And he’s always given the focus in mask and in-costume. I’ve yet to see a comic book cover where he appears unmasked.

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Hah hah, this is the closest we’ve gotten:

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Even then, Marc Spector don’t always recognize himself or know who Marc Spector is, depending what personality/ delusion is out. Moonknight once took out Rouge by touching his ungloved hand to Rouge’s neck and letting her deal with his derangements. This is while she was fighting the She-Hulk and out Hulking She-Hulk as Rouge copied She-Hulk’s powers.


Ok, there’s a couple more (from a rather shitty run, even if I’m a Lemire’s fan).

Isaac isn’t really a far cry from it, anyway.


I can see Oscar Issacs, I wouldn’t mind Diego Luna as well.

Eh, I’ll give the ninja a shot despite my personal preferences :thinking:

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