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Isaac’s bigger acting caliber.

Luna I don’t know. Yeah, you’ll accuse me of the curse of Mexicans criticising other Mexicans but he’s shown to be a pretty stupid guy many times.
He even produced some VERY racist and unfunny animated cartoon back in the day.

That is the spirit, but real talk given how bad shit is money wise it will be surprise if they land him. I get the feeling the Star Wars sequels burned him a little despite making him crap tons of money so I doubt he would jump into another recurring franchise commitment without a sizeable bank roll which I question if Disney would want to even pay at this point. But then again even the stars are suffering with the COVID stuff too.

A very notorious Egyptian director will direct Moon Knight.

Lol Ryan coogler will be the only director allowed to stray from the formula. Everyone else is hired for purely the rep not the vision

So, I guess you have some contact with insiders and you know what’s the new director’s vision, right?

Orrrr I can look at all the marvel movies and see how cookie cutter paint by numbers almost all of them have been.


So, both Thor: Ragnarok and the previous Thor 1 and 2 movies were ‘cookie cutter’, no matter how different they were between them? I guess the director’s vision had nothing to do with them…

Also, Gunn’s Guardians are very much their own voice.

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Disney is literally firing directors for going outside the formula. Starwars and marvel. Most recently the Dr. Strange 2 director leaving

No. It’s just called paying attention to how the movies pan out. But you also don’t think MCU Peter Parker is anything like Peter Parker so missing that is pretty on brand for you.

They wanted to make something different.

Honestly as long as you stick to certain tenets with the films they will let you do stuff. But in general you have to follow their play book unless you make them a boat load of cash on your first go or they have no big time plans for the characters involved.

Just like in every other movie studio, right? If the producers disagree with whatever the director’s doing, they can fire them.

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“No, still no idea!” said Dennings. “I don’t think I’m in it. I feel like I would have heard by now. So literally my answer is I have no idea, I have even less an idea than I did before.”


Fuck you I rather her than Jane. Gimme dem tatas on screen


Qué fino…

January now…


My body is ready

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Liz Olsen is over 18.

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Some shots from the Ms. Marvel series…

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Born: February 16, 1989, that makes her 31 years of age.