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Plot twist


Whos that. The OG warmachine?

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Maybe you just got stuck in the eighties.

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That’s War Machine from Earth 2. He got killed during Crisis on Infinite Infinity Earth’s by Thanoseid. Then they replaced him with Cheadle :woozy_face:

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The next big bad of the MCU!?

Dude is more broken than Galactus!

Galactus was never broken lol

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Could have sworn that Big G was but he did just get merked by Thor a year or so ago.

Hes just probably the big villain of one of the smaller arcs. Feige said they wont be doing a 10yr arc but smaller, mayve 3-4 year ones. So hes probably the big bad of the mystical side, youll have one for the grounded side (osborn?), One for the space shit, one for young avengers, one for the +18 stuff etc.

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From my understanding Galactus was never “bad”. He was sorta a force of nature, like the hurricanes that year after year go ham on the east coast. They arent evil per se but their acts kinda suck for a lot of ppl. Someone correct me if im wrong


Theirs a bunch of stuff that can kill him but he’s a universal requirement so they can’t kill him off


Galactus isn’t bad in alignment there little to no malice in his actions, he bad as in he indiscriminately destroys whole worlds. If anything Galactus is sort of a cosmic anti-body that though his actions no space empire gets too big.

He’s treated like a natural force of nature. He just has to do his job or he dies.

Is beerus a take on galactus

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nope. Not at all.

Beerus is on the same page/ level of Thor or Odin, he finite and isn’t apart of the living universe.
And he can be replaced.
Galactus on the other hand is on the same level of Infinity, Eternity, Death, taking him out for good actually spells doom for the Universe.

Beerus is a guy with a appointed Job, Galactus is the embodiment of an universal concept

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But galactus can be killed and is lame though

Galactus is as lame as you cannot fathom sarcasm